Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

After the Feeds had been down for more than a day in the Big Brother house I thought for sure they’d return to having both the HoH competition and nomination ceremony all wrapped up. Nope. Instead we’re just now getting the nominations confirmed, after another day of no feeds, from what the new HoH revealed overnight.

In case you missed who became the latest Head of Household you can catch those spoilers here. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s move on to the next round of spoilers.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 5 Nominations:

  • Suzette
  • AJ

Alec Beall on Big Brother CanadaFrom what we’ve heard earlier the plan is for AJ to be the pawn and Suzette to go home. Suzette and AJ on the block together? Gee, that seems familiar.

Later this weekend we’ll get the Veto competition. Normally that’s held on Saturdays but considering everything seems shifted it might not happen on schedule. Once those results come out we’ll post the details here on the site.

Do you think Alec made the right nominations? They seem a little weak considering he’s got a serious threat and competitor in Gary but instead is targeting Suzette? Could there be a backdoor attempt ahead? We’ll know more soon!


  1. I wondered the same thing too Matt. You’d think they would take a shot at Gary ASAP since he’s been dominating the game. Hopefully they do have a backdoor setup. I got nothing against Gary and I think he’s an amazing player. However if The Shield is to prevail they need to eliminate a threat like Gary before it’s too late.

  2. I just can’t stand Alex and his crocodile tears!! It was just for the camera or to gain sympathy from the viewers.

    He’s too coward to make big moves : either he let Andrew (an invisible and boring houseguest) win the last hoh so doesn’t have to make any decision or either he nominate weak players like Suzette.

  3. Tal is not even a floater she does crazy things in her opinion and the WHINES about it so boring,

  4. i dont understand why suzette and gary arent up together, then if gary wins veto , suzette goes and if he doesn’t win gary goes… makes a lot more sense than seeing talla leave if gary wins veto and takes suzette down… why don’t the shield members see this?

    • Here’s the problem tho. I was watching After Dark last night and Andrew was telling Alec and Peter that noming AJ and Suzette was a good idea. Sure Andrew was just covering his own ass but it makes perfect sense. Think about it. Suzette, AJ, and Alec will get to play the Veto. There isn’t a 100% chance that Gary will even play let alone win. Andrew, Alec, and Peter all agreed that if Gary does play AND wins the Veto that Alec will ask him not to use it. Don’t forget that Alec was told by Gary not to use his Veto last week and Alec obliged. If Gary were to pull Suzette down everyone would be after Gary. At this point I see placing both AJ and Suzette up as a good move.

  5. i agree with wtf, time to get out gary or suzette, that way gary will be short on the numbers to hurt the shield members.

  6. Who’s still watching this joke of a “competition”? It didn’t become beyond obvious that the producers of the show are controlling everything? That’s everything is fixed and a sham? Once they stepped in to save Suzette it should have been obvious.

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