Big Brother Canada: Week 5 HoH Remains Hidden From Feeds – Update

Andrew on Big Brother CanadaThe Big Brother Canada week 5 HoH remains hidden from prying eyes on the Feeds as production has kept house activities hidden since late last night.

When the Feeds return we expect news on who has usurped Andrew’s throne as the Head of Household for this new and full week of competitions and events. The nominations should follow later on Friday or early Saturday along with a Veto competition over the weekend, per the routine schedule.

If you missed last night’s show then we’ve got the summary recap and the full episode depending on how much time you’ve got. It was a great episode and definitely worth watching if you can.

At last standing we had Andrew as the outgoing HoH following the eviction of Tom and Liza. Whether or not Suzette seeks revenge for her nomination at Andrew’s hands is yet to be seen, but I’m guessing she’ll get over it quickly.

Who do you hope is revealed to be the new Head of Household when the Feeds return? It can be anyone but Andrew, so get to guessing and share your thoughts in the Comments section below! In the meantime we’ll keep an eye on the Feeds and report any news as it’s available.

Update – @BigBrotherCA announces the Feeds will remain off until tonight: