Big Brother Canada: Week 4 Double Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada show features not one, but two evictions and this should be one crazy night of action. We already gave our rundown of what to expect and how tonight’s show will work if you’re new to Big Brother. Here’s the 5-sec summary of tonight’s events though: eviction, hoh comp, noms, veto comp, veto ceremony, eviction, & hoh comp.

The spoilers are out there (and posted right here) if you can’t wait for the show. Otherwise we’ll be here recapping the events as they play out on the show.

Week 4 Eviction:

  • Alec: votes to evict Tom
  • Talla: votes to evict Tom
  • Andrew: votes to evict Tom
  • Emmett: votes to evict Liza
  • Topaz: votes to evict Tom
  • Peter: votes to evict Tom
  • That’s it. Tom is evicted.
  • AJ: votes to evict Tom
  • Suzette: votes to evict Tom
  • Jillian: votes to evict Tom

By a vote of 8-1, Tom has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

The first HoH competition is called “Face Off” and operates in a knock-out style where the winner in a quiz duel selects the next two competitors until we are left with one, the winner.

Week 4.5 HoH comp – “Face Off”:

  • Round 1: AJ vs Topaz – Topaz wins
  • Round 2: Liza vs Talla – Liza wins
  • Round 3: Topaz vs Alec – Alec wins
  • Round 4: Suzette vs Liza – Suzette wins
  • Round 5: Andrew vs Jillian – Andrew survives
  • Round 6: Suzette vs Peter – Suzette wins
  • Round 7: Emmett vs Andrew – Andrew survives
  • Round 8: Alec vs Suzette – Alec wins
  • Round 9: Andrew vs Alec – Andrew wins

Alec refuses to answer and even helps Andrew get the right answer. Andrew is the new HoH! Congrats, Andrew.

Hilarious. Andrew got through his first two appearances because his opponent got the wrong answer. Then in the final round he won because Alec didn’t even try and stood there waiting for Andrew to answer. I guess you take a win however you can get it.

Week 4.5 Nominations:

  • Andrew nominates Liza & Suzette

Joining the HoH & noms in the Veto comp will be AJ, Emmett, and Peter. This is a wacky comp. HGs have to ride a bouncing ball back and forth around little cones and put a series of pictures in order based on who dropped off the Lumber Jack & Jill comp earlier in the season. Oh, and they have to use bubble gum as the glue to stick the pictures to the glass.

Week 4.5 Veto comp – “Kid In A Candy Store”:

  • Emmett wins the Veto.

Emmett now has the power to veto either of Andrew’s nominees: Liza or Suzette. He can also choose to do nothing at all and keep the noms as-is.

Week 4.5 Veto ceremony:

  • Emmett wisely decides not to use the Veto.

Now either Liza or Suzette will be evicted.

Week 4.5 Eviction:

  • Emmett: votes to evict Liza
  • Gary: votes to evict Liza
  • Topaz: votes to evict Liza
  • AJ: votes to evict Liza
  • Jillian: votes to evict Liza
  • Alec: votes to evict Liza
  • Talla: votes to evict Liza
  • Peter: votes to evict Liza

By a vote of 8-0, Liza has been evicted from the Big Brother house!

There is no immediate replacement HoH competition during the show which means Andrew gets to bask in the life of the Head of Household for at least a little while. Once the HoH comp is finally held we’ll get those spoilers posted here on the site.

Thanks for joining us again tonight for our Big Brother Canada live recap!


  1. The host shouldn’t have asked Emmett that!!! Just when I thought we were better than the states at a show!!!

  2. i wanted liza to stay. with her gone i feel like the house is gonna go back to its usual ways with on big alliance picking off houseguests one by one

  3. Can someone please tell the producers or the host to stop making canadian tv look so cheap ansd amateur, for example the house guests i have the results….long pause…by a vote of 8-0…long longf pause…come on watch how big brother does it6..that show looks light years ahead of the canadian version, for no reason except maybe cheap budget. Some people beleive the canadian version shouldnt be the same but i say why not that shaow got the following it got and made it possible to have a big brother canada because obviousely we like big brother and the way it is done.

    • I was thinking the same thing, it is ridiculous how long the pauses are during the results of voting and I noticed that during the bubble gum chewing comp it appeared half of them didn’t even know whether to sit on the ball or get some gum. Then when the host (if you can call her that) said “go” some of them had already gone! It does come off as amateur hour at times

      • some started off before she said go, violation, violation… will BB review the tapes and punish the rule violators? this show somehow comes off as one of those cheap low budget canadian game shows from the seventies whenever the host is involved… when she is not there it seems quite good with the high quality house they are in… time for a new host…

        • Only the Emmett haters really care about him breaking the rules. If they could catch him doing anything they would be crying foul since he won.

          At least the Canadian host is human and not a statue.

        • I don’t know what you saw but give it up. They were all together. If anyone got a little anxious to get going it was Liza. Emmett did not cheat if that is where you are going with this.

  4. Oh this was like music to my ears! Goodbye Liza and Tom. Now a question; why did Alec throw that HOH competition? Was it because if he won, he wouldn’t have been eligible to compete for the next one? Oh also, it was kinda funny when Alec was like ‘I vote to evict Peter’ lol

  5. I will say it one more time–“the live feeds are Down–alot more than they are Up” —and ya–the long pause was ridiculous–we are canada–not states—dont need the crap–like american idol pauses and other shows—please stop?

    • i totally agree!!! Especially when the 8-0 vote and she pauses for so long after like im pretty sure since its 8-0 Liza know she is out.

  6. tralalala ! I’ve just got to say “oh, happy day” Seriously Liza knew her fate and so did all of us , however, how sweet it was !! I hope that the remaining players start thinking . I hope Andrew brings players to the HOH room and picks their brains like Gary did. It will serve to enlighten his game although I don’t think anyone will inform him with any truths. Let the fun ensue!!! Happy days ahead folks…

          • this is TV remember, don’t believe anything you hear… by the way , all the voting is rigged and BB production does whatever they want to manipulate the game in the direction they want it to go… if the game was “real” suzette would have been gone a week ago.

          • Actually if it is not live, that is likely because of viewers posting complaints about the outcome of comps. They need time to review the footage.

  7. Very poor taste and shows the girl she really is by saying in front of Peter–i get to see my Tom—Peter warned her long before–I hope he wins and forgets he ever met her!

  8. Really thought Lizza was smart–turned out to be a cruel person-and an idiot for falling for Tom’s b.s.–and saying that infront of Peter and not even barely hugging him goodbye? Peter warned her a week or 2 ago! Did she expect a pitty vote from him that would get him targeted?

  9. Seriously BB what is up with the live feeds ?? I’m certain that loads of us are trying to be understanding that this is new . Come on , in order for this to be considered a serious Canadian production you’ll need to step it up and I’m certain loads of company will sponsor your product. Just saying… I’m sure they’ll be watching these sites !!!

  10. I think Emmet now is going to go quite far with Tom and Liza gone. It is going to be interesting who everyone targets now.

  11. What was with the note? Did anyone see Liza put something down Peter’s back then bam! Everyone’s all pissed at her?

  12. Tom was without a doubt a loser for exposing his buddy in the shower but I think the show pushed the bullying platform a tad too far. It was obvious that this incident was blown out of proportion to make an example of him. Alec walks around with his shirt off and sweat pants so low it leaves NOTHING to the imagination ! Concerned about your image and future ? Start convincing everyone by wearing a shirt and pulling your pants up an inch or two. Speaking of bullying, how do you think Suzette feels? Whats worse having your wiener shown for a millisecond on TV or being put on the block week after week for no reason? The house has been pretty brutal towards her, including Topaz who just smiles at Suzette as she voices her anxiety about her being up for eviction. I thought Andrew was pretty spineless for again choosing that poor girl and I lost respect for him. Alec and Topaz need to be on the block asap !

    • You got it re: Alec clothes! And topaz and him block! Topaz is fake–she doesn’t listen to talk–she just prepares for her next words.

  13. Mark my words, watch for a big booze infusion to make its way into the house soon….When you think of who is left (I have been watching lots of Big Bros after Dark) Peter, Suzette, Alec are pretty boring, AJ is really weird but sometimes comical, Emmet and Jillian are joined at the hip (and boring) Topaz and Talla act up sometimes but it isn’t really all that fun to watch, I swear Talla is on speed most of the time she talks soooo fast. Andrew is growing on me, he can come up with some pretty funny one-liners. Then there is Gary who is very out there, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying. The producers are going to need some interesting footage so they will have to give the houseguests a little nudge with the booze

  14. They need to replace the host Arisa Cox. Her questions to the house guests and her post eviction interviews are not interesting nor engaging for fans. I find her boring.. I kinda like Julie Chen’s almost news like style. Detached, unemotional but objective.

    • Yes–hope she learned from last nite crap!–asking emmett that question and pretending she was hosting american idol!

  15. Hopefully they got sequestered and have a chance at returning to liven up the house–so far too predictable! I can’t forsee anything exciting–except gary crying when he’s on the block next! Or suzetter still crying judgemental racist people

  16. BiggyBig is right! Need for the drink! Also let’s see the addiction mental health worker / radio personality drink even more than she has already!–lol–good example!(Crying bully racist judgemental about weight)—she didn’t just mean Tom–she said whole house was!–canada should not have voted her safe!–it was too early for that twist! Represent my ass! I just don’t wanna see her talking non-stop for a week again tho! (As her words were insincere!)

  17. Get Suzette the f#c* out!!! Miss I am always the victim! So sick of her making stuff up that people are hating on her!

  18. This show was not what I expected it to be. The house guests are sooo fake . Talla has a new houseguest best friend every week. Alec is a douchebag smart game player but in real life will never get him far. The new Andrew is a horrible person and a bully. Jillian needs to act like she has a brain and not a ditz. Emmett ???? what can i say …. topaz i feel bad that she ison the block from a spur if the moment mistake. These people as a representation of us Canadians are horrible. I think they should just stick with big brother America

  19. This show is a true nasty game of snakes and ladders and fakes. Controlled by Peter and Alec. Sorry for anyone else who finds out there secrete because Suzette got the boot when she did. Sorry Big brother canada you have alot of viewers but I quit. This week was unfair by all costs . No Onee should get evicted this week as the twist !!

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