Big Brother Canada: Week 4 Double Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada show features not one, but two evictions and this should be one crazy night of action. We already gave our rundown of what to expect and how tonight’s show will work if you’re new to Big Brother. Here’s the 5-sec summary of tonight’s events though: eviction, hoh comp, noms, veto comp, veto ceremony, eviction, & hoh comp.

The spoilers are out there (and posted right here) if you can’t wait for the show. Otherwise we’ll be here recapping the events as they play out on the show.

Week 4 Eviction:

  • Alec: votes to evict Tom
  • Talla: votes to evict Tom
  • Andrew: votes to evict Tom
  • Emmett: votes to evict Liza
  • Topaz: votes to evict Tom
  • Peter: votes to evict Tom
  • That’s it. Tom is evicted.
  • AJ: votes to evict Tom
  • Suzette: votes to evict Tom
  • Jillian: votes to evict Tom

By a vote of 8-1, Tom has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

The first HoH competition is called “Face Off” and operates in a knock-out style where the winner in a quiz duel selects the next two competitors until we are left with one, the winner.

Week 4.5 HoH comp – “Face Off”:

  • Round 1: AJ vs Topaz – Topaz wins
  • Round 2: Liza vs Talla – Liza wins
  • Round 3: Topaz vs Alec – Alec wins
  • Round 4: Suzette vs Liza – Suzette wins
  • Round 5: Andrew vs Jillian – Andrew survives
  • Round 6: Suzette vs Peter – Suzette wins
  • Round 7: Emmett vs Andrew – Andrew survives
  • Round 8: Alec vs Suzette – Alec wins
  • Round 9: Andrew vs Alec – Andrew wins

Alec refuses to answer and even helps Andrew get the right answer. Andrew is the new HoH! Congrats, Andrew.

Hilarious. Andrew got through his first two appearances because his opponent got the wrong answer. Then in the final round he won because Alec didn’t even try and stood there waiting for Andrew to answer. I guess you take a win however you can get it.

Week 4.5 Nominations:

  • Andrew nominates Liza & Suzette

Joining the HoH & noms in the Veto comp will be AJ, Emmett, and Peter. This is a wacky comp. HGs have to ride a bouncing ball back and forth around little cones and put a series of pictures in order based on who dropped off the Lumber Jack & Jill comp earlier in the season. Oh, and they have to use bubble gum as the glue to stick the pictures to the glass.

Week 4.5 Veto comp – “Kid In A Candy Store”:

  • Emmett wins the Veto.

Emmett now has the power to veto either of Andrew’s nominees: Liza or Suzette. He can also choose to do nothing at all and keep the noms as-is.

Week 4.5 Veto ceremony:

  • Emmett wisely decides not to use the Veto.

Now either Liza or Suzette will be evicted.

Week 4.5 Eviction:

  • Emmett: votes to evict Liza
  • Gary: votes to evict Liza
  • Topaz: votes to evict Liza
  • AJ: votes to evict Liza
  • Jillian: votes to evict Liza
  • Alec: votes to evict Liza
  • Talla: votes to evict Liza
  • Peter: votes to evict Liza

By a vote of 8-0, Liza has been evicted from the Big Brother house!

There is no immediate replacement HoH competition during the show which means Andrew gets to bask in the life of the Head of Household for at least a little while. Once the HoH comp is finally held we’ll get those spoilers posted here on the site.

Thanks for joining us again tonight for our Big Brother Canada live recap!