Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 4 Double Eviction Results Leaked

Can’t wait to get through tonight’s Big Brother Canada show? Must. Have. Spoilers. Now!? Well then you’re in luck because Twitter, it overflows with spoilers, results, and resulting spoilers. That last one might not be a real thing, but you can probably still find it on Twitter. Enough with the jibber jabber, here are the rumored results for tonight.

Tom Plant on Big Brother CanadaTom gets evicted 8-1 with only Emmett voting to support him. A little surprised, but not disappointed.

In the HoH competition, Andrew wins after Alec throws it to him.

Andrew nominates Liza and Suzette.

The Veto competition and ceremony didn’t change the nominations.

Liza was evicted 8-0. Bonus! We got rid of both of them in one quick hour. Thank you, HGs.

No extra HoH competition just yet. Andrew gets to enjoy his brief reign as HoH just a little longer.

Well? What do you think of these leaked Big Brother Canada spoilers? Are you happy with how things turned out tonight? I know I am.

Source: HamsterWatch on Twitter


  1. I hate big brother now, they get rid of everyone who is entertaining everyone left just sucks and i love how calling someone a redneck wasn’t big but bulling a prank was this huge thing

    • a lot of floaters left the worst of whom is Peter who is a snake who used Liza then stabbed her in the back before he shot venom out of his mouth…..after he and Alex laughed their way to current status having done very little but agitate and cry……

  2. Could be the biggest waste of a double eviction, should’ve backdoored Gary. Bbc, this is one guy you should have put on the show, things would be working totally different.

  3. We are happy to see Tom go he was very rude and takes things too personal and I didn’t appreciate the lion tribe necklace he constantly wore. But I’m forgiving because maybe he doesn’t know what it means or represents. Sad to see Liza go I liked her and how she was playing the game byebye Liza

  4. This show started with a terrible noobie host! Now just gets worse not watching the show until the very annoying Suzette gets evicted

  5. I enjoy watching Big Brother Canada, even though I live in Germany. I also like the fact that Tom and Liza are gone, they can go on with their romance outside now :-). Good luck to Emmet and Gary, lets see how far they make it!!

  6. i fn love alec hes so cute! what tom did was very mean and rude. hes a bully and deserves to leave. of course any self-respecting individual would be conserned about flashing the world when ur career is at stake

  7. Suzette needs to go next, one episode she’s crying and yelling, next episode she’s acting like she’s the queen, she talks about how she’s married with three kids and how Tom was this and that for going after her, yet she’s putting her hands all over Alec when he was giving her a pedicure…..strait 2-faced !!!!

  8. Best night ever! I just wish there was a different host and that Peter would try to win in the competitions!

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