Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 4 Double Eviction Results Leaked

Can’t wait to get through tonight’s Big Brother Canada show? Must. Have. Spoilers. Now!? Well then you’re in luck because Twitter, it overflows with spoilers, results, and resulting spoilers. That last one might not be a real thing, but you can probably still find it on Twitter. Enough with the jibber jabber, here are the rumored results for tonight.

Tom Plant on Big Brother CanadaTom gets evicted 8-1 with only Emmett voting to support him. A little surprised, but not disappointed.

In the HoH competition, Andrew wins after Alec throws it to him.

Andrew nominates Liza and Suzette.

The Veto competition and ceremony didn’t change the nominations.

Liza was evicted 8-0. Bonus! We got rid of both of them in one quick hour. Thank you, HGs.

No extra HoH competition just yet. Andrew gets to enjoy his brief reign as HoH just a little longer.

Well? What do you think of these leaked Big Brother Canada spoilers? Are you happy with how things turned out tonight? I know I am.

Source: HamsterWatch on Twitter