Big Brother Canada HGs Continue To Debate Tom Vs. Liza Eviction

Liza & Tom on Big Brother Canada

Divisions in the Big Brother house continue to pit one side against the other as the first of two evictions is soon to arrive. Neither group seems to be quite sure what’s going to happen when the votes are revealed thanks to a few floaters in the game.

Late last night conversations between the HGs revealed uncertainty in the votes coming from Suzette and Talla. Gary wasn’t sure where Suzette would land, but I’d be surprised to see her go against Gary, one of her few allies in the game right now. As for Talla, that seems like a much more flexible vote.

It could all come down to just one vote like Talla’s since there will be only nine votes and no chance of a tiebreaker by Gary, the current HoH.

Alec, Topaz, Suzette, and Peter appear to be ready to vote to keep Liza and evict Tom. Meanwhile we’ve got Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, and AJ in Tom’s corner. That leaves Talla with all the power to decide.

Of course if word gets out how Talla is planning to vote and the other side realizes Tom is staying no matter how they vote we may get a shift in votes to avoid being caught supporting the losing HG. I don’t think any of them particularly want to be staying in that house with Tom when he knows the tried to vote him out.

We’ll have those Big Brother Canada eviction results later tonight when we live blog the show. Be sure to join us then for the big Double Eviction fun.