Big Brother Canada Week 5 HoH Results

The Feeds had been out for more than a day by the time they returned early Saturday morning to reveal an early look at who may have become the latest Head of Household for Big Brother Canada. Read on for the spoilers or avert your eyes and await Sunday night’s episode.

Alec Beall on Big Brother CanadaAt first glance when we could see back inside the house after 1AM ET it appeared that Alec had become the new HoH but no nominations had yet been made.

Initial conversations indicate we may be seeing nominations for Suzette and AJ coming our way whenever the ceremony is eventually held.

We will continue to monitor the Feeds and update if those nom plans change, otherwise we’ll make it official when the ceremony takes place.

Are you glad to hear Alec became the new Head of Household for this week’s Big Brother? If you were HoH, then who would you nominate?