Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother Canada Power of Veto competition is over for week 5 and the spoiler results are in.

This week’s Veto competition included the two noms, Head of Household, and three extra HGs selected from the bag. Read on to find out which one of them won the PoV.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

Emmett Blois - Big Brother CanadaEmmett has won the Power of Veto and now controls the ability to veto one of Alec’s two nominations.

I would not expect Emmett to pull down either AJ or Suzette at this point. The house is ready for Suzette to go. Suzette is ready for Suzette to go. There’s no need for causing chaos right now and Emmett isn’t looking for a reason.

The Veto ceremony should be held on Monday so we’ll know more then, but for now we can expect both AJ and Suzette to be on the block coming Thursday’s episode of Big Brother Canada. If that happens then we can finally say goodbye to Suzette. Unless, of course, there’s suddenly a new PowerShift twist sponsored by another car company…

Are you glad Emmett won the Veto or should one of the nominees earned the power this week to keep the game exciting?