Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother Canada Power of Veto competition is over for week 5 and the spoiler results are in.

This week’s Veto competition included the two noms, Head of Household, and three extra HGs selected from the bag. Read on to find out which one of them won the PoV.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

Emmett Blois - Big Brother CanadaEmmett has won the Power of Veto and now controls the ability to veto one of Alec’s two nominations.

I would not expect Emmett to pull down either AJ or Suzette at this point. The house is ready for Suzette to go. Suzette is ready for Suzette to go. There’s no need for causing chaos right now and Emmett isn’t looking for a reason.

The Veto ceremony should be held on Monday so we’ll know more then, but for now we can expect both AJ and Suzette to be on the block coming Thursday’s episode of Big Brother Canada. If that happens then we can finally say goodbye to Suzette. Unless, of course, there’s suddenly a new PowerShift twist sponsored by another car company…

Are you glad Emmett won the Veto or should one of the nominees earned the power this week to keep the game exciting?


  1. i like and respect Gary for his game play so far, but if i was Emmett i would definitely talk with Alec about getting Gary out now. it’s the perfect time to get another threat out without worrying Gary will be saved.

    if i was in there, i’d get AJ taken down, Jillian, Emmett, AJ, Peter vote to evict Gary, 4 votes is all needed this week to evict.

    if they(Shield, Jilli, Emmett) don’t take this chance, i could see Gary winning next HOH and that’s bad for all of them

    • Gary could be a useful asset to them although. Suzette is kinda dead weight, who will only not be a jury vote for Alec, Peter, Jillian or Emmett

    • I think that the house is thinking about her kids more than she is. They want her back with her kids. She is pretty much on her own in the house. Anyone know how much they get paid

      • But she knew that when she chose to be on the show, that it meant not seeing her kids. It’s only 80 or so days away from her kids to possibly win 100k for a better life for them. They shouldn’t make that decision for her, but nobody wants to bring her to then end, so it wud be nice to get her out and not stuck in jury. Why don’t they want to kick the weak players out? I wud rather got up against Suzette than emmitt or Gary

  2. the sooner they dump this disgrace to the gay community, the better IMO. A backdoor seems appropriate fo r this idiot.
    nows a great time

  3. Well I think the backdoor discusion here is interesting it’s pretty hard to see Emmit leading a charge to backdoor Gary. Lets face facts Alec and Peter threw Tom under the bus. Why should he think he won’t get backstabbed also? Second he has his secret Gary alliance as well. You also be asking Topaz to accept Gary leaving. That just isn’t going to happen. Take AJ off and Alec could backdoor Jillian for example. I just don’t think the POV gets used.
    I also agree that the house would benifit from a Talla, AJ or Andrew HOH. We see alot of overlapping alliances in the house. I’d like to see who Andrew would nominate personally.

    • When did Gary and emmitt get into an alliance? Ur right emmitt shud jump ship from Quattro secretly. The Same ppl keep getting put up, I was so glad when Gary didn’t play it safe.

      • Gary and Emmit are in a secret alliance that no one knows about since DAY 1. The house actually begins before the 1st show airs. I never saw a feed on them cutting the deal. But the feeds once Gary won HOH is when we saw Gary and Emmit alone in the HOH room talking about thier final 2 deal. Best kept secret in the house up til now by a long shot.
        Not sure how good the deal is as sooner rather than later it appears there will be fireworks between Gary/Topaz and Alec/Peter as there is alot of talk about Gary and Topaz the next noms after eviction. Gary being the target. Then Emmit will have to choose.
        Gary could be in a very tough spot if he doesn’t win HOH. As he has let it be known he wants Andrew gone. That takes away the stoogies(AJ, Andrew & Talla) votes. No HOH, nominated and no POV and Gary is 1st in the Jury house next week. He better win HOH to shake things up. Perfect noms would be Peter and Andrew. You won’t see a unanimous vote if those are the final choices.

  4. Gary is a great player and could do alot of damage on the jury in swaying votes to his way of thinking. He is very charismatic and a strong player. If they are smart, they should backdoor him this week and get that threat out of the house this week before jury begins….but they probably aren’t that smart 🙂

  5. What kind of logical person would vote suzette out and keep AJ. If AJ is saved and later put up against someone else, that person will most probably go home. If Suzette is saved, and later someone in the house is put up against Suzette then they’ll most probably stay. I don’t get the houseguest…

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