Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Big Brother Canada Power of Veto ceremony is over and we have the spoiler results. If you can’t wait until Wednesday’s episode for the big reveal then read on to find out what happened. Otherwise steer clear of the spoilers below.

AJ Burman Big Brother Canada

The winner of this week’s PoV, Tom, has used the Veto to remove Gary. In his place AJ is up on the block as a renom.

We’ll have to wait and see if this had anything to do with the twist announced during Sunday’s nominations episode.

After seeing so much back and forth from Tom over who he wanted out, Gary or Suzette, he seemed to have settle on Suzette. Now that Gary is off the block that shouldn’t matter too much as Suzette remains available for eviction.

Do you think Tom made the right decision? Would you have used the Veto and named a renom instead?


  1. Tom is my official BB Space Cadet for the week! Unless it is absolutely certain that he took Gary off the block to keep him from being evicted he just burned his bridges with AJ and Andrew. Really bad game play for sure. Maybe Liza can get Tom out next week after all.
    HOH has been a train wreck so far in the house. Jillian was terrible and now Tom perhaps worse. Why he would change noms to get more enemies is beyond me. Unless they are planning the classic backdoor for AJ this is a busted HOH week.

    • It was more clear why AJ went up if you watched the feeds. AJ and Andrew are not mad about being put up they are not feeling like they are being targeted (wrongly so in the next few evictions). I think Tom is WRONG in thinking Gary will have his back if he wins HOH next week.

  2. AJ knew he was getting renomed. it’s all a rouse to get gary on toms side so they can use him to pick off their girls.

  3. I think it was a good move. Gary owes him one now, not saying Gary can be trusted, only the future in the BB house will tell.

      • Well in Tom’s mind they have a deal, and how the hell does it help gary to have tom coming at him. Gary might as well take out aj, andrew or aneal because none of those guys are working with him or offering him shit. If Gary wins and puts up tom is it the dumbest move he could make. If Gary is smart he will just throw this week, the more he wins shit is the more he will get targetted. He is smart so he shoulda learned this by now. He won veto when he didn’t have to now everyone catch their afraid of him. If he wins hoh he is gone next week. Gary’s best move is to try to blend into being like a Topaz or a peter, someone who doesn’t win shit and people just forget about and they kind of slide through. There will be a time for Gary to get Tom, but its not now

  4. does anyone else feel that the houseguests are getting just too much stuff, eg. vodka, beer, 10 boxes of pizza, unlimited poutine brought in already made… what’s up with that, and i’ve also noticed that the have nots seem to have it extremely easy compared with the US series… come on BB, get with the program…. i also really doubt that canada voted to give them the poutine, they are doing what the US version did, ignore the votes and just do whatever they want…..

    • I can’t believe how much alcohol they get. Maybe BB is trying to spoil them for the initial season and next year will be tougher. I wish BBUS gave even a small portion of the massive quantities of booze these HGs get. Could you imagine a bottle of vodka in BBUS? Oh to dream.

    • im canadian, voted for poutine online, and am glad they got it. were just nicer here in canada. why invest the time and money to create a voting site if theyre not going to use the results, we dont live in a conspiracy theorists dream up north

  5. if a HG uses the POV to remove someone from the block, they are also immune from being nominated ? If this is the case, why cant a HG who is on the block use the POV to take down the other HG who is on the block and still be safe… this seems like an unfair rule, where if it is won by certain HG’s the rules are different.

    • The Veto holder is immune from becoming a renom, but not immune from eviction.

      So if the Veto holder is on the block and uses it on the other person then he/she could still be evicted on Thursday.

      Now if the Veto holder is not on the block, then he/she can use it to save someone and not have to worry about becoming the renom.

      It’s a pretty fair approach to the Veto.

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