Big Brother Canada: Shield Alliance Sets New Target

Shield alliance on Big Brother Canada

Shield alliance members Peter and Alec have been working secretly as a subset of the Quattro alliance with Tom and Emmett so far on Big Brother Canada, but that might be about to change.

Late last night Peter and Alec began discussing that it may be time to start eating their own after growing frustrated with Tom’s antics in the house.

On Monday Tom decided to take Gary off the block and replace him with AJ in hopes of gaining favor with Gary and driving a wedge in to the girls alliance. That’s not working and it rattled Shield.

It only got worse when Tom started talking about eliminating Andrew which bothered Alec and Peter even more.

Peter and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

This morning on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Peter talked with Emmett about the situation and both agree they need to wait and watch if Tom returns to targeting Andrew. They discussed the option of eliminating Liza but worried that could really set Tom off since Liza is his “parachute” as Peter explained.

I’d be very surprised to see Alec and Peter turn on Tom right now while they’re doing so well decimating the girls’ side of the house, but once the time is right we could see a great rivalry formed if Quattro ejects Tom and pulls in Andrew instead.

Do you think Shield should target Tom now or focus on their current plan and rock the boat later on Big Brother Canada?