Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 16 Recap: Will Cory Miss Or Hit Her Real Target?

We’re down to the final nine Big Brother Canada 7 players. The jury portion of the game has finally started, so players are going to be trying their hardest to set themselves up for the finals. This means that they have to treat every move like it could be their last. This week, Cory gained all the power as Head of Household. She used her power to try to figure out who to target. Kyra whispered in her ear that someone wanted to backdoor her. This sent Cory on a mission to find who was behind the backdoor Cory talk.

Of course, the Pretty Boys (Dane and Adam ) were the ones behind this discussion. So Cory’s closest ally, and Pretty Boy, Anthony had to deflect from the Pretty Boys and onto Sam. Anthony got the target pretty much off the Pretty Boys, but Cory still nominated Dane and his close ally Este. However, there is a bigger plan at motion.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Nominations Fall Out:

Dane and Este are on the block. This is the first time both of them really faced danger in the game. It’ll be a make or break week for both of them.

Cory says that she still doesn’t know who was behind trying to backdoor her last week. She then discussed with Anthony a plan to backdoor Sam. They then tell Dane their plan to backdoor Sam and have him come off the block. He declares that he’s going to win the Veto.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Power of Veto Competition:

Este and Dane both need a win. Otherwise, Cory may keep the target on one of them, and it could be bye bye bye come Thursday night’s eviction.

Sam, Kyra and Mark were picked to play in the Veto comp along with Este and Dane. Damien is picked as the host. Following the picks, Kyra is worried that this picks give Dane the best chance to win POV. They’re worried that if he wins, Sam or them might go up instead.

It’s a DJ/party themed POV competition. It’s called Breaking Records. The houseguests must have their ball go around a spinning record without it falling. They must do it 300 times. If they lose their ball, their counter restarts.

Dane easily wins his way to the Veto. He then celebrates with Este, and lets her know about the plan to backdoor Sam. Anthony, Dane, and Cory then celebrate that their plan went well. Sam tries to talk to Cory to make sure the target isn’t on her.

Cory then tells Sam and Adam that she’s not going to lie to them, and say that Sam is not a consideration. Then Adam confronts Anthony that he tried to build trust with Cory and him, but it’s all coming back on Sam.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Cory has talked a big game all week. Will she still to her plan?

Right before POV ceremony, Sam gathers everyone in a room, and then she accuses Dane of starting the backdoor Cory plan. He denies it. They argue a little, but Cory kicks them out for her to go get ready. Dane uses the Veto on himself and Sam goes up on the block.

Cory and Adam get in a little argument.

Image screencapped by 89razerskate20

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