Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

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Last night, Kiki left the Big Brother Canada house in a blaze of glory. She tried to save her game by exposing Dane‘s game. She told the other houseguests that she knew that he was the reason she hit the block this week. She said he betrayed her and couldn’t be trusted. Kiki declared that if she stayed this week, Dane would be her target.

This didn’t save Kiki’s game, but it’s bound to put a nice bright light on Dane. Last night Cory won the Head of Household competition. This gave someone different some power, but Cory is closely aligned with Pretty Boy Anthony. He most definitely will try to influence her nominations this week.

Last night, the Pretty Boys began to fall apart. During the HOH competition, Adam finished second and dropped off willingly. Cory and him made a deal to not put each other up. Adam was comfortable with that deal until Dane told him that Cory planned to put up him and Adam.

This sent the Pretty Boys spiraling, while Mark kind of stayed out of the mess. Anthony and Dane were trying to put the blame on Adam and Sam for the discussion about backdooring Cory last week. Adam was trying to defend himself.

Kyra also found themselves in the middle of it all. Dane and Adam’s conflict seemed to be for nothing because Cory eventually decided that her plan this week was to backdoor Sam. If Adam wins the Veto again, then the backdooring Sam plan might get void, if not, Sam is in major danger of being the first member of jury.

So who did Cory nominate for eviction this week?

BBCAN7 Week 6 Nominations:

  • Cory nominated Dane and Este

Are you happy that a non-Mark Pretty Boy is on the block? Will he be able to save himself with the Veto?

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