Who Went Home Tonight? Week 5.5 Eviction Recap

To Be Continued…has haunted Big Brother Canada fans for an entire day. We were left with a big teaser when Big Brother called Kyra to the Diary Room. She was then given a card that explained the Blood Veto powers. They were excited but didn’t let the viewers know what the Blood Veto powers entailed. Tonight, we finally get some answers.

The main answer we’ll find out is if this Blood Veto can alter this week’s eviction. The episode also ended with Power of Veto holder Adam deciding not to use the Veto on Mark or Kiera. This left them both without a safety net—at least that’s the way it seemed.

Along with the Blood Veto reveal, tonight’s episode will be all about who goes home. In the episode, Adam was trying to get Sam to change her target from Mark to Kiki. Sam was set on getting a boy out, but Adam whispering sweet nothings might be enough to change her mind. With jury starting so soon, everyone wants to stay long enough for the second phase of the game. It should be an intense battle for power.

BBCAN7 Power of Veto Fall-Out:

What’s in the letter! Let us know, Big Brother!

Kyra goes to the DR and learns that the power lets her Veto one nominees eviction, and evict the other person. She’s not allowed to tell anyone, but the other houseguests speculate with worry. Both Mark and Kiki start campaigning to stay in the house.

BBCAN7 Week 5.5 Vote to Evict:

In Kiera’s speech, she calls out Dane for betraying her. She feels he’s the reason that she’s on the block, and he’s her target. Mark says he only has his integrity in this game.

Adam VTE Kiki
Anthony VTE Kiki
Cory VTE Kiki
Damien VTE Kiki
Dane VTE Kiki
Este VTE Mark

Kiki was evicted by 5-1. Now Kyra gets to decide whether to use her Blood Veto or let Kiki go home. Arisa calls Kyra to the DR to get her Veto.  She then explains to the houseguests that Kyra can Veto the eviction and send Mark home instead of Kiera. Kiera and Mark then have to campaign right to Kyra to get them to use it. Kyra decides not to use the Veto sending Kiera home.

Anthony then carries her out because of an injury she got earlier in the week. Someone on staff (Tomas) then carries her to her seat with Arisa.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Head of Household:

Will the Pretty Boys take the win, again? Let’s hope not!

We saw the start of this HOH. Houseguests had to hold on pipes. The person to last the longest became the new HOH. Tune in on Sunday to see who won or stay here to see spoilers who won.

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