Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Will the Blood Veto be Used Tonight?

Tonight someone goes home…or do they? We have a little bit of mystery going into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 7 eviction. On Sunday, we saw Kyra get rewarded the Blood Veto. She was told it kept her safe for the week, but not much more. However, anyone that watches Big Brother knows that there is likely more to it than meets the eye. Then last night’s episode ended with the mysterious “to be continued” right as Kyra learned the real power of the Blood Veto.

We expect the Blood Veto to play out during tonight’s eviction. Since we still don’t know what to make of the Veto, tonight’s eviction is nearly impossible to predict. For example, we’re not sure if Adam will be an option if Kyra uses the Veto, since he won the regular Veto.

We expect that if Kyra has to use the Veto, she’ll use it. Her likely targets will be Adam or Dane. If Adam is not eligible since he won the Veto, she’s going to go full force on Dane. If we had to guess, tonight Kyra will use her Veto during the Live Eviction.

She will change probably only one nomination, if she can. She will remove Kiki from the block and put up Dane or Adam. If Adam goes up on the block, he will go out. If Dane goes up, it seems like Mark will still leave.
We highly doubt that both Mark and Kiki will be on the block by eviction time tomorrow. If they do stay on the block, then it’s likely that Kiki leaves. There is still a possibility that Kyra will also take off Mark and keep Kiki on the block, because Sam and Kyra now seem set on her eviction. We’re hoping the wise up a bit before eviction time.

How do you picture tonight’s Big Brother Canada 7 eviction going?

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