Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 13 Recap: Does the Veto Get Bloody?

Last time on Big Brother Canada 7, Sam gained all the power. We finally had another woman in charge and a non-Pretty Boy. However, Sam wanted to make her big move against Dane, but she was just too scared to make the move and have it fail. Plus Kyra and Adam‘s influences didn’t help. They both told her not to go after a Pretty Boy. Kyra tried to protect Anthony and Cory. While Adam wanted to keep Dane and Este safe. This left one Pretty Boy free for the taking: Mark.

Sam couldn’t continue another week with the boys running things, so she nominated Mark and Kiera, with the hope of taking out Mark. However, the Pretty Boys won’t let one of their members go that easily. Tonight’s we’ll see if this week’s Big Brother Canada 7 Veto will change anything for the week. Also maybe the mysterious Blood Veto will finally become useful.

Kyra worries that the guys alliance will become too big of a thing if they don’t get out a boy this week. They don’t want Sam swayed by Adam to keep Mark over Kiki. Anthony then gives Mark a pep talk to keep fighting for his game life.

Kiki and Este have a talk with Adam to try to get him to think that they’re going to work with him. They all agree they need to get out the floaters. Adam then seeks out Sam. Adam brings Dane, Este, Kiki, and Sam together to try to form a new five person alliance. He tells Sam they need to take Kiki down and backdoor someone else. Dane is shocked that Adam wants to save Kiki and not their fellow Pretty Boy Mark.

BBCAN7 Week 5.5 Power of Veto Competition:

Let’s see if the Pretty Boys can escape yet another week of eviction. They’re becoming untouchable at this point. As holder of the Blood Veto, Kyra was disqualified from being picked. Adam, Damien, and Este were picked to play along with Mark and Kiki.

For the HOH competition, players had to carry balls using balancing beams. They need to balance a total of 25 balls to win the Veto without dropping them. They must carry their balls from one side to another to get their total 25. Everyone starts to get frustrated with the difficulty of keeping all the balls on the beam.

Everyone drops their balls a lot, but Adam manages to reach his 25th one the fastest. Then he drops it. The competition continues. They’re over an hour and a half into the competition and Adam is still in the lead, but Kiera is close behind.

Adam wins the Power of Veto. He immediately regrets winning because he promised Kiki that he would use it on her, but knows he can’t do that to his fellow Pretty Boy.

Once again, Sam heard Dane and Adam talking in the pantry. They later get into an argument about her not trusting him.

Canada rewards Kiki with a special bed for her HN stay. Later, Kiki tries to persuade Adam to be true to his promise and start this new five person alliance. He doesn’t know how to deal with this awkward situation.

BBCAN7 Week 5.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:

How will the Power of Veto Ceremony play out?

Adam decided not to use the Veto. He said he wanted to keep Sam’s nominations the same. Kyra is then called to the diary room. She reads what the Veto does but we aren’t shown or told what it does. We get a “continue in tomorrow” promo. It better be a good power.

Image screencapped by 89razorskate20

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