Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: The Blood Veto Winner Is…

At the end of Thursday’s Big Brother Canada episode, Arisa Cox teased that the Blood Veto would be shown on Sunday’s episode. The Blood Veto is something that’s been teased all season, but we haven’t been told much about it. And we still don’t quite know what it is. However, we now know who holds the power. Sit back guys and get ready for this one.

The Blood Veto exchange wasn’t shown on the feeds, but we know a little more about who has it, how, and a little of what it does. Apparently, the Big Brother Canada 7 houseguests had to decide who to reward the Blood Veto. They had to make a group decision or no one got it. Turns out everyone suddenly became timid and no one was willing to step up and claim they want it. Only one person did that, and they received the Blood Veto.

BBCAN7 Blood Veto Winner:

  • Kyra Received the Blood Veto

Apparently it keeps them safe from eviction for at least one week, maybe two. They can’t be nominated. What else it entails, no one exactly knows. Kyra could also get to save someone else or nominate someone, or even evict someone. No one knows. This has of course created more tension. Everyone is mad that no one else fought for it and that Kyra has it. Everyone is also paranoid about what could come of it.

So how do you feel knowing Kyra has the Blood Veto? What other powers do you think it holds?

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