Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 5.5 Nominations

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This week Sam is finally in control. She has a chance to shake things up, and possibly knock down the Pretty Boys a peg or two. Despite Adam constantly telling her that she’s safe and that there is no boy’s alliance, Sam knows that there is a boy’s alliance and she’s their number one target. Sam really wants to take out Dane or Anthony this week. However, she knows the possibility of that happening only works if both of them are on the block.

Sam wants to think of her long term game, and she thinks putting them both on the block causes too much blood. She also has her two closest allies, Adam and Kyra, telling her not to nominate them. Sam knows the right move: nominate two members of the Pretty Boys. She’s just not willing to pull that risky move…yet.

If one of her initial nominees come off the block, maybe Sam will change her mind and go after one of the big boys. The only thing is…can she un-brainwash enough people to get them voted out?

BBCAN7 Week 5.5 Nominations:

  • Sam nominated Kiki (Kiera) and Mark

Mark is a member of the Pretty Boys and Sam’s target, but he’s the lowest member of that group. Anthony, Dane, and Adam won’t really be hurt too much with him gone. They could easily replace him with Damien. Mark and Kiki are safe nominations but we’re hoping Sam can make some things happen by the end of the week, or else she might repeat Chelsea’s fate and go out next week.

Do you think Sam will make a bigger move this BBCAN7 week?

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