Who Went Home Tonight? Week 5 Double Eviction Recap

It’s Big Brother Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate. We have our very first, probably not our last, Double Eviction of the Big Brother Canada 7 season. This one has a lot of potential to be crazy, exciting, frustrating, and exhausting. The first 20-ish minutes shouldn’t be too stressful. We’re going to get a brief recap of the events following the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Next, we’ll get our first Live Eviction. We’re pretty sure we know who is leaving, so there shouldn’t be any excitement there. Then everyone (minus outgoing Head of Household Dane ) competes for the HOH power. They then get to make their move. So sit back and relax as we recap this Big Brother Canada madness.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Vote to Evict:

Will it be Chelsea or Kyra leaving the BBCAN7 house first?

Chelsea canpaigns hard to stay in the game. She tries to get Mark on her side but that doesn’t go well. She’s also frustrated that Adam and Sam didn’t fight harder for her, especially since it’s partly Adam’s fault that she’s on the block. Then Kyra gives her some info about the guy’s alliance. She tries to use the girl power angle and that info to build a bond with Este and get her vote.

Adam VTE Chelsea
Anthony VTE Chelsea
Cory VTE Chelsea
Damien VTE Chelsea
Eddie VTE Chelsea
Este VTE Chelsea
Kiera VTE Chelsea
Mark VTE Chelsea
Sam VTE Chelsea

9-0 Chelsea has been evicted.

BBCAN7 Week 5 HOH Comp:

Will it be another win for the Pretty Boys? Let’s hope we get a little more exciting outcome than that one.

It’s a ore and After trivia competition. The houseguests drop out pretty rapidly, leaving one winner….Adam

Adam becomes the new HOH. He has individual talks with everyone and then decides to nominate Kiki and Eddie.

BBCAN7 Week 5 Power of Veto:

Will the Veto change anything tonight?

Mark, Anthony, and Estes were chosen to play alongside Eddie and Kiki. The competition involved move a maze to get a ball in it. Kiki wins it.

BBCAN7 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Will it be used?

Kiki uses it on herself and Kyra goes up as a replacement. Now either Eddie or Kyra will go home tonight.

BBCAN7 Week 5 Vote to Evict:

Adam VTE Eddie
Anthony VTE Eddie
Cory VTE Eddie
Damien VTE Eddie
Dane VTE Eddie
Este VTE Eddie
Kiera VTE Eddie
Mark VTE Eddie
Sam VTE Eddie

Eddie was evicted by 8-0.

Did you survive the BBCAN7 Double Eviction? If so, join us Sunday for another Big Brother Canada 7 Live Recap. Also join us later tonight for Head of Household spoilers. Don’t miss any spoilers by Downloading our App!