Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 5.5 Veto Competition Results

This week has a lot of potential to shake up the game. On Thursday night, Sam won Head of Household after the Double Eviction. During the double, she tried to get Adam to make a big move and go after one of the guys in charge. He declined and just took out Eddie. Now Sam has the power to make a big move.

Since becoming HOH, she’s gone over different scenarios to get a major player out. She’s settled on nominating Mark and Kiera ,with the hopes of getting Mark out. She’s determined to have a boy leave this week.

If Mark magically escapes the block, then Sam’s plan could change. She has discussed some possible backdoor options including Cory. If the the comp goes as she hoped, and Kiki wins Veto, then Damien will likely go on the block and Mark goes home.

The Pretty Boys seem to believe that they have enough influence to keep Mark this week, no matter the final nominations. Adam isn’t so confident, and he may be right. For the Power of Veto picking ceremony, Adam, Damien, and Este were picked to play alongside Kiki and Mark. Now the odds are in Adam’s favor to win it.

However, he should do everything in his power not to win it. It sets him up for a failure one way or another. The Pretty Boys will expect him to use it and save Mark. Sam will expect him to not use it unless she asks him to do that. Winning the Veto would really hurt Adam’s game and expose his loyalty.

BBCAN7 Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Adam won it

What do you think will happen now that Adam won the Veto?

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