Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 5.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Well this Big Brother Canada 7 week went from exciting to predictable real fast. Samantha is a smart capable woman who seems to know the boys alliance exists, but yet here we are with the Pretty Boys getting their way. It would be so much easier to root for this seemingly unstoppable alliance if they was actually some opposition and the majority of the guys in it were likable. Unfortunately, this is not the case on both fronts.

We thought Sam might try to backdoor a bigger player. She definitely should have pulled the trigger by nominating Anthony and Dane, or nominated someone riskier like Adam to win the Veto, then she could have backdoored Dane.

However, as exciting of a play we think this would be. There was so many unpredictable variables that would have likely lead to Sam’s demise even quicker. But at this rate, we don’t know if she’ll even make it to the jury portion.

By not taking out one of the guys, Sam is likely going home in one of the next few weeks. Not only will Adam not be using the Veto, keeping noms the same, but now Sam has changed her mind. She wants Kiera out instead of Mark. The Pretty Boys stay together. Grunts.

BBCAN7 Week 5.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Adam did not use the Veto. Mark and Kiera stay on the block.

Do you think there is anyway for the votes to flip and save Kiera this week? Is Canada the only hope to bring down the Pretty Boys?

There was a little bit of excitement following the Veto. Kyra was called into the DR and people started to speculate that she may be forced to use the Blood Veto this week, and it might be used to save a nominee or two.

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