Big Brother Canada 7 Week 5.5 Eviction Spoilers-Who Went Home?

This entire Big Brother Canada 7 week is about the Blood Veto. What does this mysterious power do? We have no clue. At the end of Wednesday’s episode, Big Brother teased that it could have a major impact on this week’s eviction. We assumed it probably meant that Kyra could change a nomination or two. Tonight we’ll see it all play out live. However, per usual, spoilers have been posted about this week’s eviction episode.

We now know who went home, the power of the Blood Veto, and whether we’ll get to see a new Head of Household crowned live. Can’t wait until tonight to know the juicy spoilers? Neither could we so read below to find them out.

BBCAN7 Week 5.5 Eviction Spoilers

Evicted: Kiki, 5-1
Blood Veto: Apparently, you can use it to Veto the evicted houseguest and then chose who gets evicted instead. It’s only valid for this week. Kyra did not use it and they didn’t vote.
Head of Household: TBD

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