Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 6 HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 7 Premire

Big Brother Canada 7 keeps marching on. Tonight we witnessed Kiera leaving the Big Brother Canada and Kyra not using the Blood Veto. We have had six evictions so far, and now should be the start of the Big Brother Canada jury, so houseguests are going to fight even harder. They’re definitely going to need to give they want to stand a chance of taking down the all powerful Pretty Boys.

The Pretty Boys are winning competitions left and right. They’re also leading the other houseguests to slaughter each other, while they skate on to the end. It’s now or never for the other houseguests to make a move. But will anyone?

This week’s Head of Household competition was an endurance based one. The houseguests had to hold on to pipes while being sprayed with gunk. The houseguests to stay on it the longest became the new Head of Household.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Head of Household:

  • Cory won it

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