Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony

For most of Big Brother Canada 7, houseguests have toyed with the possibility of backdooring Sam. Dane had two chances to try to get her out, and let them go away. Sam then had a chance to go after him and any other member of the Pretty Boys, but she let it go away. The first half of Big Brother Canada 7 has revolved around the not-so secret war/rivalry between Sam and Dane. It’s really a mystery that both of them managed to survive six evictions. Now it’s looking like it’s time for one of them to finally leave the house.

Cory set a plan in motion to get out Sam. Her plan went seamlessly with her pretend target Dane winning the Power of Veto. This allowed Cory the perfect opportunity to take a shot at Sam. Now Cory plans to nominate Sam when Dane removes himself from the block. The rest of the week should set up the underlining Dane vs Adam war that’s been going on most of all season.

Este is closely aligned with Dane, so of course he will want to keep her safe this week. Sam and Adam are in love, so of course Adam will be fighting for his girl. It’ll be an interesting week, and we’ll see if it finally wakes Adam up to go against the Pretty Boys.

BBCAN7 Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony

  • Dane used the POV on himself. Sam went up as a replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Este or Sam will become the first member of the Big Brother Canada 7 jury.

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