Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 4 Recap: Will the Power of Veto Save Hamza or Andrew?

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 Power of Veto Competition

Tomorrow, Big Brother Canada 6 votes another person out the house. As things stand, either Hamza or Andrew will be leaving the game during the latest live eviction, but tonight we could see one of them saved with Power of Veto. If either Hamza or Andrew win it, the house could be turned upside down.

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On Monday, we saw Ryan make nominations to please the Big Brother Canada house. In nominating two of his allies and friends, and Ryan’s behavior, he may be in the danger zone next week. However, this Veto could be a new lifeline for Ryan, because it could stack the odds more in his favor.

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BBCAN 6 Week 2 Power of Veto Comp:

Ryan, Hamza, Andrew, and three players chosen by a random draw will play this week’s Tomb Raider themed Power of Veto competition. The winner of this competition, will have the power to veto one of Ryan’s nominations. This helps Ryan’s game, but it puts a target on whoever wins and uses it, especially because it goes against the ‘house’s wishes.’

Prior to the Power of Veto, Ryan tells Canada that he has a plan to save both Hamza and Andrew. He wants one of them to win Veto to backdoor Olivia.

Ryan picks Johnny to play in the veto, Andrew picks Jesse to play in it, and Hamza picks Erica. Ali is the host.

The six Veto players are: Ryan, Andrew, Hamza, Erica, Jesse, and Johnny.

Ryan then works to get the three players picked to throw it. However, they discuss this with the other houseguests, and they figure out he is trying to backdoor someone.

For the Power of Veto Competition: The six players had to untie their hands, and then they must hit a target with an arrow. Once they hit the target, they could run and get a puzzle piece. They needed to get all their pieces and then assemble the puzzle. The first player to solve it, and open a tomb, won the POV.

They winner would get POV, $5,000, and get to see an advance screening of Tomb Raider.

Alot of players gassed out during it, and Erica solves the puzzle way before anyone else. She just has trouble memorizing the code to unlock the tomb. She eventually remembers it all.

Erica wins the Power of Veto!!!

BBCAN 6 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony:

With great power comes great responsibility, the POV holder now must make the biggest decision of the week: use the power of veto or keep nominations the same. Is it time to make a big move this early in the Big Brother Canada game?

Ryan tries to convince Erica to use the Veto. He pitches her the idea of trying to get Maddy out the game.  She also has separate conversations with Hamza and Andrew. Of course, both make their best pitches to get safety, but she basically confirms to Andrew that she doesn’t want ot use the Veto.

Eric decides not to use the Veto. Tomorrow either Andrew or Hamza will be evicted from the Big Brother Canada 6 house.

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