Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 3 Recap: Drinks Fly As a New HOH is Crowned

Big Brother Canada 6 Andrew and EricaBig Brother Canada 6 only started a week ago, and we have already witnessing crazy game moves from left to right. Last week, by an unanimous vote, Rozina left the BBCan house. Following her eviction, two Gate Crashers, Veronica and Merron, entered. To complicate things, Big Brother Canada gave them the nearly impossible task of lying about why they were entering the house days after everyone else.

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Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6 episode shows us the fall out from Veronica and Merron’s entrance, and Rozina’s exit. After the houseguests get pass the initial shock of everything, the Head of Household competition takes place. By the end of the night, one player will hold most of the power this week, and he or she will nominate two people for eviction. Buckle up, kids because we’re in for an exciting ride.

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Andrew was campaigning hard to keep Rozina in the game, and get out Ali. This rubbed everyone the wrong way.

BBCAN 6 Week 2 Head of Household Comp:

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 HOH Ryan

With two new players, a Heaven and Hell themed house, and paranoia at an all-time high, each Big Brother Canada 6 houseguest really wants and needs this HOH win. But who actually pulls the win?

For this week’s Head of Household competition, the players filled out a questionnaire about their first impressions of each other. They then had to toss drinks in HG’s faces who they believed were the answer to the survey question. If answered correctly, that player picked another player to eliminate. If answer incorrectly, the player who answered wrong would be eliminated.

First round: Andrew buzzes in first. He tosses his drink in Ryan’s face, which is correct. He scores one point and gets to eliminate Olivia.

Second round: Erica buzzes in first. She tosses her drink in Derek’s face. She eliminates Andrew.

Third round: Maddy buzzes in first. She throws her drink in her own face, but the answer is Kaela. She gets eliminated.

Fourth round: Jesse buzzes in with wrong answer. He gets eliminated.

Fifth round: Paras buzzes in with wrong answer. She gets eliminated.

Sixth round: Kaela buzzes in with right answer. She answers Hamza and eliminates him.

Seventh round: Derek buzzes in with wrong answer. He gets eliminated.

Eigth round:  Ryan  answers correctly and eliminates Kaela.

Ninth round: Ali answers inccorrect and gets eliminated.

It comes down to Will and Ryan

Tenth round: Will buzzes in and answers incorrectly.

Ryan wins this week’s Head of Household competition.

After the HOH competition, Erica tries to smooth things over with Andrew, because they’ve been friends since day 1. She tells him that she only eliminated him because the house is against him. They leave the night with tension still high.

They use the next morning to make up.

BBCAN 6 Week 2 Nominations:

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 Nominations: Ryan Picks a Target

With a new Head of Household in control, the houseguests must be on their best behavior, or they could find themselves on the block. Right now, the house is against Andrew, but will the new HOH do what the house wants or make his own decision?

Ryan talks to everyone to find out who the house wants to see up for eviction. He thinks this will help him gain trust with the house. Hamza worries that he might be a backdoor plan, so he asks Ryan to nominate him to avoid being blindsided, and not getting to play in the Veto competition. Ryan agrees to it.

Ryan nominates Hamza and Andrew for eviction.

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 Nominations: Hamza and Andrew up for Eviction

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