Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers for the newly started season and today’s updates bring us the Veto comp results for Week 2 of BBCAN6.

Feeds were down for more than a day and a half for who knows what reason other than BBCAN prefers to kill its momentum. When things resumed we discovered the winner of the Veto comp and that’s not going to help the HOH’s plans.

BBCAN6 Veto Comp Week 2:

  • Erica won the PoV

Players were Ryan (HOH), Andrew & Hamza (Noms), along with Erica, Johnny, and Jesse. Ali was the host.

Ryan, the current HOH, was hoping it wouldn’t be Erica who won the Veto because he wanted to change up his noms of Andrew and Hamza with Olivia as the renom target. I’d guess that won’t be happening after all.

There’s drama in the house right now with Veronica leading a house meeting and that’s gone from complaining about cleaning up the house to what all Ryan was doing with telling different HGs different tales. He’s in a bad spot right now.

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