Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: Andrew Discusses His Feelings

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion Andrew Discusses His Feelings

The final nominations are in place on Big Brother Canada 6 with the POV comp and ceremony behind us. Andrew, the big man with the even bigger personality, is starting to realize that his days in the Big Brother Canada 6 house are numbered. He has been campaigning to stay, but feels like his talks with people are falling on deaf ears.

He had a conversation with Merron in the Big Brother Canada live feeds this morning. The conversation starts off with Merron asking him if Andrew is doing ok and he tells him he is, but he is sick of the fakeness in the house. Everyone pretending they like him and pretending that they are interested in him and his life outside the house.

Merron asks if he has tried to campaign at all and he tells him that he has, but everyone already has their plan for the week and his eviction is pretty inevitable at this point. He adds that he isn’t going to continue to talk to these people and act like they are all friends when in reality, he is pretty hurt by the fact that no one is standing by him. He is going to stick with Merron and Ryan because he feels like they are the only real ones in the house.

There has been some things turning up missing in the house. Peanut butter and hazelnut chocolate spread, to name a couple, and Merron asks if Andrew was the one who hid it. He tells him no, but he did pour out the maple syrup and dumped the sugar. He tells Merron that he thinks that it’s the Have-Nots hiding things because of the sugar and maple syrup thing.

Andrew is really annoyed that he has gone above and beyond for his HGs. Doing haircuts for all the guys, cooking and making sure that everyone else is happy, but now no one is on his side and looking to keep him. He even went and told people that if he won the HOH he would use his HOH anyway they wanted, he told them that Hamza is a bigger competitior, but they don’t seem to be worried about him at all.

Andrew tells Merron that he is in a tough spot, no one is talking to him except for Merron and Ryan and he is really hoping for a clutch play at this point. He is hoping that there is some twist that keeps him in the house for another week just so that he can stick around and play the game longer, but he isn’t feeling too good about his chances. He tells Merron that there is no reason to continue to have “real conversations with fake people.”

There is still some time before eviction tomorrow, do you think that Andrew can save himself? Do you think that keeping Hamza over Andrew is a good move for the rest of the house? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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