Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 6’: Week 2 Eviction

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 6

Eviction time has arrived on Big Brother Canada 6 and we’ve got two final nominees ready to face the vote. Know who is about to be sent home next season? Yep, so do we and probably everyone in that house too!

Andrew and Hamza were left on the Block after last night’s Big Brother Canada episode revealed the Veto competition that went to Erica in an aggressive win and left their fate in her hands. Sadly for Ryan’s big plan the Veto wasn’t used and he missed his chance to BD Olivia.

So who will it be going next? Share your prediction below in the comments and we’ll get our own eviction prediction up later on the site.

After the votes are revealed the next evictee will be out the door for his interview with BBCAN6 host Arisa Cox then it’ll be time to crown a new Head of Household. Since we know BBCAN won’t give that up in tonight’s show you’ll want to be sure to check back with us later for those spoilers too.

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