Big Brother Canada 3: Sarah Reveals Alliance History To HoH

Sarah must know she’s in the hot seat this week on Big Brother Canada because she’s pulling out all the stops along with all the alliance skeletons hidden away in the BBCAN3 closets.

Sarah talks with Zashleigh on BBCAN3
Sarah talks with Zashleigh on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Last night Sarah pulled Pilar and Ashleigh aside to tell them everything she knew about alliances in the house that she was fairly sure they didn’t know for themselves. Pilar learned about the Chop Shop, which Kevin knew about but hadn’t told her, while both found out about the ol’ Purple Cobras.

All this info shocked Pilar and Ashleigh who then began to doubt their showmance partnerships. Of course that doesn’t really matter for Kevin who is out of the game, but it did leave some clean up for Zach later.

Sarah’s brain dump to the ladies should have been transparent. She keeps all this locked away until Ashleigh is HoH and about to make her noms? Of course Sarah is going to scramble, but will it be too little too late?

Zach later tried to calm both of the ladies by telling Pilar that Kevin didn’t know about the Chop which made her feel better, but convincing was a little tougher with Ashleigh. Zach suggested that the Purple Cobra’s wasn’t serious and he would have told her if it became an issue.

Sarah shows up as Zach and Ashleigh enjoy their bubble bath and tries to persuade Zach that she wasn’t throwing him under the bus with all her reveals. Yeah, I’m not sure this is going to help Sarah’s game as much as she thought it might.

Alone again, Asleigh and Zach’s talk shifted to the week’s targets. Ashleigh is concerned about Bruno and Godfrey while Zach has his eye on Sarah and Brittnee. The choices will come down to Ashleigh but we know Zach will do his best to push things in the direction he wants. Then again, with this secret twist power coming up there should be a lot of surprises ahead of us.