Big Brother Canada 3 Twist: Have-Nots Have The Power

Announced at the start of the Big Brother Canada 3 season, a special power is about to hit the house thanks to a completely non-sponsored or named twist. It’s simply called a “Twist!” Here’s what’s going on with it.

Big Brother Canada 3 surprise power hidden inside
Big Brother Canada 3 surprise power hidden inside – Source: Global

Voting has opened online at Global’s site for fans to pick two of the remaining houseguests to be Have-Nots. These HNs will be inside the HN room when the floor opens up and out pops Talla. No no, that isn’t right, but it would be more fun.

The two Have-Nots this week will have a chance to win a power that will let them change at least one and possible two of the nominations just before the live eviction. Big Brother wisely decided to put the terms of the power in writing before things got too far along. Here’s how it reads:

This power forces the winner to change ONE of the nominations right before the live eviction… It also gives them the opportunity to change both of the nominations….IF they decide to do so!

So at least one of the BBCAN3 noms will change this week and possibly even both. This will happen after the Power of Veto is settled and the noms were thought to be finalized.

Voting is open now, but here’s a catch. We don’t know if the HoH is eligible. You’d think not, but voting is covering all seven of the remaining Houseguests. Should the HoH not be eligible but win the most votes I’d have to guess they’ll just go to the next highest vote. Unfortunately that’s another mystery in this season’s run of twists.

Update: As James points out in the comments below, if the HoH is one of the top 2 vote earners, then it goes to 3rd place. Also, per Big Brother, the renoms can not be the HoH or the Veto holder. Yikes, that could leave very few options come Wednesday night.

Remember that your vote won’t determine who gets the power, but rather who has a chance to get the power. Arisa said those two HGs would face off in a special comp to decide who earns the twist. We’ll keep you posted on what happens and any spoilers along the way.


    • They have to…everyone is so cosy cosy in there. This will set a precedent. Future players will start thinking that what every strategy I take…there might be a twist…no one is safe…some might even overthink their game. It’s not suppose to be a country club retreat !

  1. Hope the Have Nots are Britt and Sarah….and if not Sarah Godfrey….because either one would go after Zach and replace him as a nom if either wins the special veto

  2. BBCAN’s Facebook page has the technical details explained through a video.

    If the highest vote-getter becomes HOH, the power will be passed down to the third highest vote-getter.

    While the secret power essentially makes the winners HOH, they cannot nominate neither the current Head of Household and whoever wins veto.

  3. Hope the have nots are Brittnee and Godfrey..they seem to be the underdogs. I also see others as floaters

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