Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Head of Household Comp Results – Week 8

After a night with no one in charge of the Big Brother Canada 3 season we have a new HoH and the spoilers to reveal who won control of the week.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

Brittnee was the outgoing HoH so she was ineligible to compete but that left six other Houseguests in the running. Ashleigh, Bruno, Godfrey, Pilar, Sarah, and Zach. Who came out on top of the comp? Read on for the latest BBCAN3 spoilers.

Ashleigh won the Head of Household competition today.

When the new twist hits any votes for Ashleigh won’t be counted so direct your votes elsewhere.

Nominations should follow possibly tonight if they want to get back on schedule but more likely tomorrow, otherwise they might have another day to make their choices.

We’ll keep watching the Live Feeds to see who is the real target and what are the backup options should the Power of Veto put a wrench in these plans.


  1. Either Sarah or Brittnee will win the coup de tat. Bruno and/or Zach will go up and will be evicted. I don’t know why production decided to put more stupid twist this late in the game.

    • I think we just have to accept that BB is still is an interactive show that allows viewers to be involved in one way or another.

      This is better off than having viewers choose what food the Have Nots will eat for the week aside from slop.

      • If production wants viewers to be interactive, let them vote on task, or pick which twist will be played. But I don’t like viewers having power because they always screw over the players who are playing the best, yet they are the first to complain about floaters or people who are not playing the game. Watch the viewers vote for Sarah or Britt to win the power and put Zach/Bruno on the block just because they are playing the best. I’m just not a fan of viewers input sorry.

        • It depends though if it’s going to affect housemates that we either like or dislike.

          And it wouldn’t be “Expect the Unexpected” without viewers shaking things up. I’d rather we get twists like this than suffer weeks of stagnated gameplay and an alliance monopolising power in the house which is increasingly becoming the norm in American Big Brother.

          • I’d rather watch boring gameplay then watch a player literally get cheated and have all their hard work mean nothing in the game. It just doesn’t seem fair in my opinion. I win HOH then someone well liked is voted to get a power that they didn’t even earn and then my HOH might not mean anything. I’m not a huge fan of Ashleigh but I wouldn’t want to see her Hoh messed up just for the lolz unless of course it seemed more fair. This twist actually makes the game more predictable. Sarah or Britnee get the power and Zach or Bruno go home. Aw well.

          • Stagnant gameplay won’t make the season interesting to watch if it’s the same people having power every week and any attempt to flip is shutdown, and it will make watching the show even more frustrating.

            The best way to really go far in this game of Big Brother is being able to adapt to everything that could be thrown at you and that is what one should expect for a show that is supposed to be unpredictable.

            Three weeks ago, people actually do like Zach, and was at the verge on actually turning the house around. But at the last minute, he chickened out, got his ally shown the door and basically screwed himself by gaining an enemy in Godfrey. He played too safe when had that opportunity to get Bobby out.

            At least with twists like these, we as viewers do get to be a part of the game, as it should have. Be it voting to save, evict, nominate, award a housemate a special power and whatever, viewers have a permanent stake in the show.

            And this is why it’s Big Brother, not Survivor: Domestic Edition.

          • If viewers are too involved it almost makes things pointless since most viewers don’t care about game and vote out of popularity. I believe that houseguests should have a little bit control of their own fate in the game. I prefer to see houseguests shake things up on their own like when the house kept godfrey and voted out Jordan. Canada was not required for that. Lets be honest here. People complain when an alliance dominates and cheer for the underdogs but then when the underdogs remain in power nobody complains and then the viewers don’t want a power shift. Don’t get me wrong I like going for the underdogs but I still know that most fans are kind of hypocritical and biased. They’re not always thinking about the game when they’re voting.

          • Depends on a lot of factors to make viewers like a particular housemate, most of which also involve game.

            The BB fandom has been watching Big Brother since 1999 and they’ve sustained much of every version that are still on the air today because of viewers’ continued patronage of the general format, be it the Dutch or the US version.

            Never underestimate viewers because BB viewers in general do want to see dynamism in what they see on TV and on the live feeds. “Popularity” is a result of people (populi) identifying with a housemate because of his/her gameplay, personality and character.

            Is it no wonder Brittnee is popular? Because she destroyed an alliance’s dominance and got away with it, and she even took a gamble of taking out both Kevin and Zach, which she was at least 50% successful in puling it off. Sarah is popular because she does have a mind of her own and she knows what needs to be done, despite being unable to have real power at the moment. Godfrey is popular because he is an interesting character, he makes these really odd speeches, and he can be deadly if given a power that would really burn the house down and still be loved. Everyone in the cast are “popular” for various reasons, even the villains are liked because they are villains.

            How much of the true BB fans spend their time watching the live feeds? Then that means they all have the time of the day to spend a few minutes voting for who they want to win this special power for the Have-Nots online.

            We are essentially part and parcel of the game and this twist is one move coming from us. It’s in the format’s DNA and removing that element would only result to watching a live show from a mental institution, waiting hours to see who in the cast will be the first to crack..

          • I agree with some of your points and I like twists but I still want the houseguests to earn them. Britnee still got out Kevin (even though I wanted him to stay) and Willow without the help of canada and that’s what I like to see. I don’t want them to directly get help by by viewers. There’s a reason why I only watch the US and Canadian versions of BB. It’s because it allows for strategy and the players have more control of their fate. If people enjoy the other versions then that’s fine. I personally choose not to watch it because I prefer the way the U.S. and canada versions are set up. Also I’m not really talking about this season but BBUS and BB Can in general when it comes to popularity and fans having a bias and there are times it’s not because of gameplay. I want Zach out but I’m not gonna make a decision as a viewer to mess with his game just because I don’t want him to win. I think it’s more satisfying when I can watch a player make a move on their own without having the viewers give them a huge advantage for doing nothing. It makes it harder for me to say they played a great game. It doesn’t matter what I think though because BB Can has already made the voting for the power an option so there’s no going back on it now. What’s done is done and I will accept it even if I don’t really approve.

          • Repost from above: Viewers will vote on who will be Have-Nots. The Have Nots themselves will compete against each other to earn that special power. The viewers will not award the power but just choose who will be eligible to compete for it.

          • Yes the viewers will vote for have nots who will compete for power. But the viewers will vote for the 2 people who are targeting Zach or Bruno. Regardless of who is voted to become have nots, they will target Zach or Bruno.

          • but again, we know who those 2 people are but this twist can be royally screwed had either Sarah or Brittnee became HOH and someone who don’t like became eligible to compete for this power by technicality.

            Considering this twist has been planned from the start, it would still come into play no matter what the current situation of the house is.

          • Your right…i still feel the producers are trying get Sarah (their favourite) in a position of power because she can’t win any comps…so be letting Canada vote for their favourites in the guise of have-nots she might be able to win something…one on one…but that isn’t a sure thing either. She definitely has the most production value for the show this season and the producers know that.

          • Totally agree James…it would definitely be boring. If they didn’t throw any curve balls into the game this would have been a vacation at the cottage for these players.

        • Oh and just to be clear, viewers will vote on who will be Have-Nots. The Have Nots themselves will compete against each other to earn that special power.

          • But the viewers will vote for the two people who are targeting Zach or Bruno. Either way one of them will leave this week.

    • I;m so mad about this. They are trying to give their favorite Sarah the game when she has won no competitions. At least Bruno had enough foresight to save Zach so Zach might go before him this week.

      • I just want to see someone win the game based on their own skill not because a twist saved them when they were in trouble or heading for eviction.

        • I agree with you, but Sarah and Brittee have played the better game there the only ones that want to get rid of the bigger target. While everyone one else has gone the easy way out. Zach have not made major game moves he been with the right people at the right time. So in my books he’s a floater.

          • Everyone wants to get out big targets but doesn’t mean they’ll do it. What has Sarah done? She’s all talk but she hasn’t implemented anything and she makes these alliances and they all fall apart. She’s not even loyal to anybody. Britnee’s game has been ok but definitely not the best. Everything changes from week to week so quickly.

          • That’s if she ever does…she plays the “I am useless” card to her co-players trying to gain some empathy…letting others do her dirty work…but how far will that get her…she isn’t going to win BBC if she doesn’t win a comp in these final weeks…but the producers might help her in that endeavour.

          • I’m hoping. No doubt that if she happens to end up in the final 3, she won’t win Round 1(endurance) but will more than likely win Round 2 (mental).

          • The thing is I don’t even think Sarah has gotten other players to do her dirty work. Nothing against Sarah but I don’t see her as that great of a player. She hasn’t been responsible for any evictions in my opinion and she couldn’t even help her two most trusted houseguests Naeha and Willow. Meanwhile she doesn’t really have any loyalty to Britnee but Britnee is still here because she’s playing a better game than Sarah in my opinion. People can say Britnee is emotional but she’s still playing the game. Sarah talks strategy but anybody can do that. What’s really important is if you can/will implement them and Sarah has failed to do so.

          • I think much of the girls got the short end of the stick i the early weeks which was why they seem so fragmented now as a group. Sarah and anyone else from that side just had to re-adjust their respective strategies in order to move forward and hopefully counter-off the boys the best way possible. Sarah in particular seems like a non-threat who talks but can’t seem to walk thus it enabled her to fly under the radar for this long.

            Took only now for the likes of Zach and Bruno to see her as a threat so I think depending on how nominations would go and the HN have been chosen for the week would Sarah need to act fast to avoid getting sent packing.

            The only way she could win in the end is to bring basically any of the remaining girls plus Godfrey to final 3. Bruno will win this if things go his way while it’s a long shot for Zach because of his past actions.

            I think that way, she’d have a better chance to sway the jurors’ votes in her favour. However, Britnee is someone who, while having a similar gameplay to Sarah, have done quite enough to stir the house for her to be given substantial votes thus Sarah needs to do something to increase her odds. This puts just Godfrey, Pilar and Ashleigh as suitable goats for Sarah to bring with her to final 2/3.

            Given that we’re down to three weeks left, there’s still a lot of game moves to be done, probably another scheduled double eviction, and anything can still happen that could alter the course of the season before it ends.

          • Could you elaborate on what you mean by short end of the stick? I think what has helped a lot of the house guests is that there aren’t a lot of dominating alliances this season and if there are they don’t last very long. The house guests shift their loyalty quickly which is beneficial to some players. I think guys like Bruno and Zach always saw Sarah as a threat but they were too busy focused on each other to go after her. I do think Sarah is very cut throat so given the chance she would burn all the houseguests but first she would have to win a competition or convince someone of making a move that benefits her game even more than it benefits the other person. I will say that there is still time for sarah to turn my mind around. She needs to be careful though because she could be going soon but anybody can win a competition so if she stays then she has just as much chance of winning HOH as anyone else.

          • They were picked off one by one during the first few weeks and the boys, or basically the Chop Shop (run by Bruno, Graig with a G and Zach) were in total control of the house, from silencing potential threats to securing showmances where the guys can easily manipulate the girls into voting their way.

            It was only when Brittnee finally won HOH the first time did two (or even three) visible sides of the house surfaced and it’s been a weekly power grab since then.

          • Zach is far from a floater. In my opinion a floater is somebody who are not doing anything in the game or is basically irrelevant. It’s not about being afraid to make a big move. Big Brother is about making the right moves that will benefit you in the long run. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

      • Production does love Sarah…but they just can’t hand her the HOH although they are trying. Although she has the best game socially…BBC isn’t just about the social game I should have some brain cells to go with it.

    • I doubt it….but if she ends up putting Bruno and Godfrey up and Bruno ends up winning the Veto and Sarah or Britt or Godfrey ends up winning the special veto Zach has a chance of going up and going home.. Which in that case I’ll be estatic

  2. I totally disagree when the twists come in it shakes things up. The best season is when the power shifts from side to side. If a player wins with these kinds of power shifts they deserve it. Last year Canada was hog an put the first five on the block because they had to much power it shook things up and most of the good players stayed like Jon neda and Sabrina. They knew how to play the game and stayed till the final. In jAnelles season She also made Ito the final. The good players this year Bruno and Sarah who I think are top contenders to win this season have also weaved there way through twists. This game is all about making the righties at the right time with some luck and strategy. If you can’t make it through the twists which is part of the game and if there wasn’t people would complain there is my enough twists, then you don’t deserve to play the game.

    • Nah. When viewers vote, they vote against people they hate and vote for people they like. They don’t care about game at all. This is why people were happy with Jordan winning BB11 and gave Jeff the coup for doing absolutely nothing except looking pretty. Usually people say they want to see power shifts with game but then the underdogs usually are the ones that end up dominating but nobody starts complaining then. Heck usually I’m the one cheering for the underdogs but when they stay in power no one complains and it makes viewers seem hypocritical and biased.

      • Depends if the voters “they hate” disappointed them the way Zach did in not backdoor Bobby or even nominating Jordan in the first place.

  3. Not only does Canada dislike Zack, he isn’t a great player. He doesn’t dominate competitions. He’s won a couple but thats it. He is in no way a competition beast. He happened to align himself with Ashleigh the puppy dog who is best friends with Pilar the puppy dog. Those two girls are little puppies who follow around their masters and essentially bark and sit on command. If Zack told Ashleigh to sit, she’d sit. If he told her to fetch or roll over or shake a paw, she would. The same went for Pilar and Kevin. Is that really good gameplay to be able to control them? Or is it two desperate girls stuck in a house craving male attention and lacking the self esteem and inhibitions to make decisions for them self and play their own game, rather than doing what their masters expect of them to improve their game? Zack is nothing more than the master of a pathetic little puppy dog. He got rid of Jordan, his supposed closest ally and instead blew a chance for a huge move that would have proven he really is playing the game. Zack doesn’t deserve to be in that house based on his game play, that’s for sure. Kevin isn’t as smart as he thinks because he made a dumb choice and aligned with Zack. Had Kevin worried more about his own game than his little house gf and not align himself with Zack, Kevin would still be in the house and Zack would be gone. It’s time to get rid of Whack Zack. He doesn’t add to the show. He just annoys people. Maybe next season, the producers will finally put an entire house full of substance instead of people who think they’re pretty and spend most of their time looking in the mirror.

    • Unfortunately that’s how the game plays out…we seen in the past that any player that tried to play like gang busters didn’t last long in the house…it isn’t a easy situation in there…you can’t tip the scales in either direction…you’re not playing against family in there…they are total strangers to you. You shoot off your mouth too soon you are a big target…we all know that. The only one I see play a smooth game in BB is Derek…you went through the season not as a threat but as a therapist…giving his opinion in questions and letting the other people feel that they made the decision…that was smooth game playing. He was never nominated.

  4. I think some twists are cool like change noms or the put 3 up and 2 go home but too many. I agree with another post i read that when power shifts its exciting. But do the twists help with the power shift? I do not know but i like the past seasons players ..not really have a fav like Gary or twila her name( can t spell it ) the new look of place though! Nice kitchen not attached to a wall!!

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