Big Brother Canada 3: Move Over ‘Chop Shop,’ New ‘Purple Cobras’ Alliance Arrives – Update: Hex’d

If you’re like me then you were worried this morning about Big Brother Canada 3. Why hadn’t there been a new mega-alliance formed yet today? It’s almost lunch time and still no new oversized and ambitious power group! Ahh, hold on. What’s this? The Purple Cobras with six members? I’ll take it.

Purple Cobras on Big Brother Canada 3
Purple Cobras on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

This morning in the Head of Household room we watched as Sarah, Kevin, Johnny, Jordan, Brittnee, and Zach (yes, Zach in yet another alliance) formed the all new “Purple Cobras” alliance. Their mission? To put Average Joe’s Gym out of business. Second mission? Dominate the Big Brother Canada house.

Update: Seems production caught on to the PC reference and forced a name change to “Hexagon.”

It’s an interesting mix of HGs especially coming at a time when the Chop Shop is about to say goodbye to Graig and drop to just five members. Potentially even worse for the Shop is that Zach is in both alliances giving him a pivot position plus the option to peel off Ashleigh from the Choppers as well.

Zach and Jordan maintain their Newport alliance while the Fortress between Jordan and Kevin seems to be built on a foundation of sand at the moment. For the ladies, Sarah and Brittnee have been working together, obviously, and they have also pulled Johnny in as we saw in their big backdoor-Graig plan.

It’s an alliance heavy house so far on BBCAN3 and the big ones seem to fall the easiest on Big Brother so we’ll have to wait and see just how far this goes. Gotta say though, they do have a catchy signature dance move and flashy costumes.