Big Brother Canada 3: Week 7 Power Rankings


So a lot has happened since last week’s Big Brother Canada 3 Power Rankings. Kevin won HOH and nominated Bobby and Britnee. Then he won veto and kept the nominations the same, sealing Bobby’s fate.

So what would’ve been a good week for Kevin in the rankings came crashing down when he, along with Willow, fell victim to BBCAN3’s first triple eviction.

So twist after Twistos twist have really made this a tough season to do Power Rankings. Well, the twists and the players, like Bruno, who have been all over the place this season. So regardless of the difficulty of this task, I’m back once again to try to get a grasp on this confusing season and share with you who I think is playing the best game at this moment in time. And as always, these rankings are based on the last episode and not what has happened since on the Live Feeds.

Big Brother Canada 3 Week 7 Power Rankings 

1. Zach. I know that Zach is a huge target right now and that he will probably go home this week if he doesn’t win HOH (did he win HOH? Check our spoilers) or veto, because I’m sure that coup d’etat power will end up in the hands of Sarah and Britnee and that will mean goodbye, Zach. But still, Zach has managed to keep Bruno so close that he had the veto used on him. So I think  a lot can be said for Zach’s game. Even though he could be next to go.

2. Bruno. OK, so Bruno has been playing one of the most solid games this season, despite him kind of flopping all over the place. For example, he won the Power of Veto during the triple eviction (so that gave him some points in this ranking), but then he saved Zach. And while that move was made so that the guys could keep a number to go after the girls, that was a dumb person for him to save, really. So Bruno falls a spot this week. Keeping Bruno at No. 1 was impossible for me to do this week after that. I just couldn’t do it.

3. Sarah. Socially, Sarah has been one of the brightest players. She did make a really weird move this week, though, when she voted to keep Pilar over Willow. I understand why Sarah did it, and that shows that her mind works well under pressure. So she earns this spot, even if she did vote to keep someone who supports an alliance she’s not really a part of.

4. Ashleigh. We’ve seen Ashleigh’s game improve lately, and she has positioned herself nicely among the girls in the game. And of course she’s still got Zach and Pilar on her side. She’s not playing a higher than 4 ranking, but she is in a good position in the game.

5. Britnee. So Britnee has survived eviction after eviction and she won the HOH that sent Kevin and Willow out the door, but she kind of wasted an eviction on Willow. Sure Willow didn’t like Britnee, but Willow was more interested in getting the guys out than playing it personally and going after Britnee. So despite playing such a big role in that last episode, Britnee is still down here because I think she flopped.

6. Pilar. Something can be said for Pilar’s staying power, but I don’t know what that is. I mean it’s not exactly like she’s some mastermind or anything. She just aligned with the right people and happened to be one of the less threatening ones. She lost Kevin now, so her future rankings will be based on her next moves in this game without Kevin by her side.

7. Godfrey. At this point Godfrey will probably just coast to the end, but not because he’s playing a good game. He’s made a lot of stupid calls and hasn’t really done anything impressive, so he deserves this bottom spot. But he might just be one of the last ones standing. At this point, anything can happen.

How would you rank the remaining Big Brother Canada 3 contestants?