Big Brother Canada 3: Nomination Anticipation In Week 8

It’s time for the nomination ceremony on Big Brother Canada 3, so stop me if this sounds familiar. “I’ll go up on the block.” Yep, that’s happening again this week on BBCAN3.

Ashleigh and Zach together in Big Brother Canada 3
Ashleigh and Zach together in Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

The new Head of Household will have to name names and toss two players up on the block later today and spoilers are here as the choices have been made though net yet official. Both of the HGs know and both have been promised safety, but one of them made this even easier on the HoH.

Ashleigh has an important choice to make and right now she’s looking at Sarah and Godfrey for that answer. Sarah actually volunteered for the role of pawn to go up against Godfrey, but later backtracked and suggested it’d be better to have Godfrey and Bruno on the block so one couldn’t save the other. Too late for that idea.

Since there’s apparently still no issue with telegraphing your punches on Big Brother Canada, Ashleigh has fully informed both expected nominees that they’ll be going up, but don’t worry, Ashleigh promises, they’ll both be safe, it’s really the other nominee that she wants out.

If Sarah and Godfrey compare notes this would be an issue, but how do you start the conversation of “so, sorry about you going home since I’m totally safe this week”?

We’ll soon have the official nominations, but keep in mind the pending twist power that will change the game plan just before the next eviction vote.

If you were Head of Household this week, then who would you nominate?