Big Brother Canada 3: Newport & Fortress Aligned Against Johnny Colatruglio

Things are looking rough for superfan Johnny Colatruglio on Big Brother Canada 3 as the faces stiff competition and a line of opposition from across the board if he wants to stay in the BBCAN3 house this week.

BBCAN3 Houseguests Kevin, Johnny, & Jordan
BBCAN3 Houseguests Kevin, Johnny, & Jordan – Source: Global

Overnight the Houseguests continued their plotting and planning with the anticipated nominations made official and the target falling squarely on Johnny’s back.

Jordan Parhar worked between his Newport alliance with Zach Oleynik and Fortress alliance with Kevin Martin to shore up support for making sure they did all they could to prevent Johnny from winning the Veto this week on Big Brother Canada. Zach and Jordan suspect Kevin could be the replacement if Johnny is taken off the block and they don’t want to risk losing a loyal supporter in Kevin. Zach thinks he can convince other HGs that Kevin is not the Houseguest they’re looking for this week.

Later when talking with Kevin, Jordan assured him they were still planning on evicting Johnny and alerted Kevin to Bobby’s interest in having him up on the block. Bobby has continued to name drop Kevin to Bruno saying he’s seen Kevin and Johnny together whispering and laughing. They hope to turn the tables on Bobby and get him out next week.

The Veto competition is coming up later today and players have been picked. Bruno as HoH plus Johnny and Sarah as the noms will be joined by Kevin, Brittnee, and Bobby. The mysterious Veto twist could make things interesting or it could fall flat if Bruno or Kevin wins the comp.

What do you think will happen this week? Is Johnny in trouble or can he pull off a surprise move on Big Brother Canada 3?


  1. Can someone explain why everyone wants Johnny out so badly? I don’t get it. Don’t they just not like him or do they see him as a threat?

    • They think he’s the mastermind that fed into Britnee’s mind to get out Graig (as well as Sarah)…so I’ll argue Britnee got out of this week in an OK position… Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they might be thinking that if Johnny goes. .. Kevin will be with us for sure. …but if Johnny and Sarah’s eviction fails this week…Kevin could be out of here if they wish to try to weaken Johnny as they are quite close and Kevin’s name has already been dropped repeatedly as mentioned….I so hope the double veto this week…their faces when both nominees come off the block would be priceless.. Watch everyone scramble….

      • He seems to be in a really bad spot though which no matter how good you know the game doesnt help you one bit…if I were in the house…I’ll be looking very closely and Jordan and Zach…but, people in the best position are the most dangerous…the most liked…but no one wants to make the big move…

  2. Am I the only one who would like to see Jordan and Zach get knocked off their pedestal? I hope that somehow the Chop Shop and Fembots + Johnny compare notes and target them. I want some drama!!

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