Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 4 Nomination Results

The latest spoilers for Big Brother Canada are in and we’ve got the details on who was nominated by the new Head of Household.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations
Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

Things were laid out clearly for the nominees and that meant no surprises at the ceremony which leaves the real drama for the Power of Veto competition and whatever could happen in this chaotic Veto twist vote.

Find out who officially went up on the block for the latest round of nominations.

Just as we suspected, when the Feeds returned late Thursday night the HGs were readying themselves for the Veto and the noms were looking for a way out of their trouble.

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 4 Nominations:

  • Johnny
  • Sarah

Sounds like Johnny is the real target here but with the Veto ahead and the next vote not until Wednesday there’s still plenty of time for things to change.

What do you hope will happen next? Veto Competition should be coming up this weekend and that settles a lot of discussions once we know for sure if these noms will come down.

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    • The best we can hope for is one of them winning the veto and then that person can’t be renom’d at least. Still looking at losing one of the four of them.
      What I hope is it’s Kevin because out of the evicted houseguests he has the best track record of winning comps so far (even when he throws them! Ha!). Then hopefully he comes back and can restore balance. Though I’d rather he wasn’t at risk. He also has the best chance of taking out some bigger players.
      The four of them plus JP and Zach have won me over I think. I just can’t stand the cockiness of “the chop shop” and Pilar just isn’t even in this game. At least Talla was entertaining and tried, Pilar is just there to act dumb (at least I hope that’s an act!).
      Big Brother loves to favour the underdog fan favs though so I wouldn’t be surprised if a “twist” got thrown in to help the four out.

      • Yeah. We’re basically guaranteed to see one of those four leaving the house.

        But it really does make for an interesting week with the shifting power.

    • Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin go.. He’s cool but for some odd reason I would like to see him go. But Kevin could potentially be in trouble if he doesn’t win POV and the veto is used.

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