Big Brother Canada 3: Week 3 Power Rankings

We’re heading into Week 4 of Big Brother Canada 3 and we saw some things shift last week, so there was some movement on the Power Rankings for Week 3.

Zach and Bruno on Big Brother Canada 3

Let’s take a look at who is playing the best game so far. And as always, remember these are based on the episodes and not what’s happening on the Live Feeds.

1. Zach. So Zach holds onto the top spot for obvious reasons. He’s got his solid alliance with Jordan and he’s an important member of The Chop Shop alliance. So Zach is basically protected all over.

2. Jordan. I would argue that Jordan is technically playing a better game than Zach, but Zach just has more of his bases covered. If this were a ranking based completely on gameplay, then Jordan would be number one. But right now, he takes the No. 2 spot.

3. Bruno. This dude moves up a bit because he’s playing a pretty quiet, but tight game. He’s got a lot of secret support going on around the house and he’s also in the Chop Shop, and if they’re not in power, then Bobby is the one in trouble, not Bruno.

4. Britnee. She made the biggest leap this week after winning HOH. That’s in addition to her escaping eviction and managing a pretty decent social game.

5. Kevin. This is what happens when you mix game play with someone in danger. While I think Kevin is good at playing Big Brother and he’s won some competitions, he’s also a huge target. So he should be ranked higher, but I don’t see him winning the game, so he comes in at No. 5 (even though he could easily be evicted by next week).

6. Ashleigh. I think a few of the girls are playing a solid floater game. Ashleigh is also in the big alliance and she’s Zach’s girl, so she’s aligned herself with the right people. If she gets deeper into the game and starts winning stuff, she could go all the way.

7. Willow. Like Ashleigh, Willow is sort of just there at the moment, but she’s still not making and major waves and there will be bigger threats than her for a while to come.

8. Godfrey. I’m never sure how to rank Godfrey. I feel like I can’t get a grasp on his game. I know his name has come up as a potential target a few times, but something has always happened to change that.

9. Pilar. I would like to rank Pilar at the very bottom of this list because she is doing absolutely nothing in this game. She’s completely worthless right now, but I don’t think she’s really in danger. So there you go.

10. Sarah. We all know Sarah got herself in some trouble with the guys and has been considered a target for wanting to go after them. So she’s got Britnee on her side, so we will see what kind of pull Britnee has if Sarah finds herself nominated this week.

11. Johnny. I feel like Johnny’s game is slipping. He’s often being touted as a target and he’s also not really adding anything to the game.

12. Bobby. Even though Bobby has his alliance and some support of strong players, if the other side of the house gets in power anytime soon, Bobby is the main target. I think Bobby is a good player and could have another HOH in his pocket, but if he or his alliance doesn’t win, he’s in trouble.

How would you rank the BBCAN3 houseguests for Week 3?