Big Brother Canada 3 Has New Veto Twist To Double HGs Trouble [POLL] – Update

Big Brother Canada is offering up a way to stick our hands in the Big Brother house and slap the HGs around a little with the new [Insert Yet Another Brand Name] Twist. Voting is now open for viewers to give the House either a second Power of Veto or force the winner of this week’s Veto to use it immediately upon winning. Ohhh.

Veto Twist on Big Brother Canada 3
Veto Twist on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Revealed during last night’s show, the new twist’s voting will continue until Friday night at midnight ET when this new Veto power will be unleashed on the house in a couple of different ways. We’ll either see one nominee definitely come down or two players potentially removed. The new Head of Household has some fun choices to be made this weekend.

Now it seems Arisa announced the double-Veto scenario as a power that would definitely have to be played it viewers voted, but the wording online only suggests the first option would make that happen. This makes more sense. We can either have the Veto definitely used or we could possibly see two Vetoes shake things up.

Oh, and now that I go back and look the wording has been removed from under the voting options. Things currently read “Forced To Use Veto” or “Double Veto” but no sub-text. So I guess that clears that up.

Which do you think is a better scenario? Double Vetoes could be good, but it really all depends on who gets it. These new nominees, check our Nomination Anticipation report here, might not get a broad range of support as alliances are proving to be built on Jell-O this season. Mmm, Jell-O.

Update: The sub-text explaining each option is back and it’s different this time. The “Double” option is still just one Veto but it could be used on both players forcing two renoms OR the other option would still only require one immediate Veto and one renom. Sheesh.