Kevin Martin is among the Big Brother Canada 3 cast who will take his shot at beating out 15 other houseguests for the grand prize at the end of the season.

Kevin Martin - Big Brother Canada 3

The 22-year-old professional poker player thinks the game of Big Brother is right up his alley. “Being a poker player makes me so perfect for this competition,” Kevin says. “This is such a beautiful social experiment. You can never recreate this experience in any other aspect of life.”

Kevin also plans on not winning a single competition. He wants to throw every competition he plays in.

I can’t wait for the challenges,” he says. “It’s going to be so much fun. I guess what I really fear though is a challenge that is boring and will be difficult to throw in a way that isn’t obvious. I’m afraid of a challenge that will be hard to lose. I don’t want to win anything. Ever. At all.”

Something tells me that if he’s on the block and the veto is within his reach, he’ll be singing a different tune. But what if Kevin does bluff his way to the end of the competition? What are his plans after winning BBCAN3?

“I’m going to go on a crazy trip to Vegas,” he says. “With my career, you need money to make money. So winning $100,000 to reinvest in my business will give me a great advantage.”

Let’s hope he’s good at his job.