Johnny Colatruglio joins the Big Brother Canada 3 cast as one of the sixteen new hopefuls going for the $100,000 prize.

Johnny Colatruglio - Big Brother Canada 3

This 26-year-old “boy crazy” Big Brother super fan says he knows not to have any pre-conceived strategies in place because Big Brother will throw twists and turns that might make any plans a waste of time. “My bigger plan is to get to know people on personal level,” he says, “to find out what makes them tick. The last thing I want to do is rub people the wrong way.”

As a super fan, he knows what to expect going in the BBCAN3 house so he says he has no fears. “I know that I’d be good at the mental challenges for sure,” Johnny says. “I’ve trained for the physical challenges and I’m a very competitive person. I know that I have to be careful because I don’t want to be a target right off the top. There really is nothing that scares me about this because I know that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win Big Brother Canada!”

It sounds a bit like Johnny might be too prepared. That could be his downfall, going in too cozy. But what if it’s not his downfall and he does win the money?

“I know that this will sound boring but I’d pay off my car and put some money towards my mortgage,” he says. “I’d also travel and go somewhere hot!”