Big Brother Canada 3: Have-Not Power Twist Explained By Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada 3 host Arisa Cox took to Twitter this weekend to explain away the mysteries of the new Have-Not power twist set to hit the house on Wednesday night. These are important clarifications and good to have up front before it hits the fan.

Arisa Cox in BBCAN control room - Source: <a href="">Twitter</a>
Arisa Cox in BBCAN control room – Source: Twitter

We knew the new twist power would let its holder remove both the noms or least one of them, but how would it all come together? Taking to Twitter, Arisa Cox calmed many concerns by running through some hot questions like, who picks the renoms following the vacancies made by the power? “The secret power holder, not the HOH,” says Arisa.

Next up, does the power holder get to vote for the eviction considering the HoH never does? Yes, says Arisa. As long as the holder didn’t foolishly leave him/herself on the block. And staying with tradition, this week’s HoH will not compete in the upcoming HoH comp, but the power holder will.

Perhaps most importantly, since this was a sticking point in the last twist that totally flopped, will we see the power in action?

Two more important questions. Who is available to be named as a renom once this power hits and at least one of the noms comes down? Anyone but the HoH and the Veto holder this week, says Arisa.

If there is a tie (four votes this week) then who gets to break it? HoH or the power holder? Arisa explains the HoH will be the tie-breaker per usual.