Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers today feature the Power of Veto Ceremony results following Friday’s late, late night Veto comp and have set us up for the final noms of the week.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

The Houseguests may think these are the final noms, but they will for certain be changed on Wednesday night when the twist power forces at least one of those nominees to be replaced. Here’s what’s going on.

Sarah and Godfrey were on the BBCAN3 block, but Sarah won the Power of Veto. She used the Veto to save herself and Ashleigh, the current HoH, put Brittnee up in Sarah’s vacated seat. The near-final noms of the week are now Brittnee and Godfrey, but wait, there’s more.

Sarah and Brittnee are this week’s Have-Nots which means one of them will be getting the power and they will be using it to save Brittnee and possibly Godfrey. Plenty of scenarios to play out but come time to vote I think it’s plenty safe to say it’s Brittnee coming down off the block whether or not she makes that trip alone.

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  1. Far too many twists this season, the goal of BB is or should be between the chosen HG’s & how THEY play the game. It should be earned through comps, veto’s and strategy, thus far a few of the best players have been eliminated through twists. Sure it is good to shake it up but this is extreme, it is no longer who plays the game best. The HG’s who essentially do nothing are handed the prize on a silver platter, they should only have to play against each other not Canada! Thinking BB Canada are losing sight of the beloved game, to outwit, outplay & outsmart each other, essentially HOH & the coveted Veto mean nothing. Ashleigh worked her butt of to win HOH and earned it but it just fell flat with the annoying twists.

    • Agreed!!! I believe this next twist is unjustified and these girls have been handed too much. It is now a game of chance, not how you can outwit, outplay. Sad…. Two weeks in a row.

      • I don’t see how either Britt or Sarah were handed anything? Britt won the triple eviction on her own, you’re basically saying that she was given that comp to win when anyone could have won it… and they were voted the power which means Canada voted because Canada wanted them to have the power.

        I see when things don’t go a BB fan’s way they like to scream and shout about people getting handed things even when they worked for it.

    • You have a point…but Ash has been behind the showmance force field for most of the game…Pilar another…what strategy is to form the showmances for numbers and start picking off everyone else.

      • True Tony as I said the real players for the most part are out due to the many twists. I really don’t see anyone at this point with a strategy, it is more like chickens running around with their heads cut off. Thinking if BB Canada would let the HG’s play without so many crazy twists, we just might have seen better game play. It starts to look like the players are trying to strategize and bam another annoying twist thus making them gun shy. Let them play against each other and keep that HOH and Veto something worth working for. Too much confusion and too many wrenches thrown into the house no wonder most of them look stupid. Hoping this will be the last twist it sure hasn’t been doing much for game play. 🙂

        • I hear what your saying…i don’t think there will be anymore twists…but do we want future games to be morphed into…under 30…eye candy material and unmarried…so that a showmance is the only way to get to the end….that’s how this season would have ended if they didn’t shake up the house.

    • She worked hard at it so she could get pictures and a letter from home. She let Zack take control of her HOH. Just like Pilar let Kevin!

      • Same scenario there are twists on Survivor as well with so many hidden idols, and the merge etc. I just love the game playing mentally and physically, pretty much see people work for the money. Really don’t have a favourite this season, so guess I’m cheering for whoever lucks out with the twists. Essentially that is going to be the end result, a fluke not play. Oh well let’s all enjoy hopefully they choose a better group next season that strategize, rather than have BB Canada have to throw in so many twists to shake it up. 🙂

      • No problem with how Ash got her HOH…it’s all the advantages Britt is getting…first she gets to handpick 2 out of 3 to go home and now she gets to pick 2 to be saved all in succession. She did some work but not nearly enough to warrant all that. The twists in Survivor make sense because they have to decide how and when to use their advantages which is game play…this is lame play.

    • I totally agree with you….Let the players play their own game, stop making it easy for those who have no clue…or because you want them to go further in the game….Bring on BB US.

  2. Why is BBCan so gun ho about saving Sarah and Britnee? It seems every which way you turn one of them gets something special including the latest triple evicting win.

    • The triple eviction wasn’t “something special” given to Sarah and Britt. Britt worked to win that HOH, it wasn’t handed to her. BBCan is no gun ho for saving Britt and Sarah, the majority of the BBCan fans who voted are.

    • I voted for Sarah and Britnee to be a “have not” because those two women are playing the game of Big Brother. Not the fantasy game of BB where you hope to meet your future husband and ride their coat tales for most o the game. Wake up girls the boys are going to pick you off one by one!

  3. People keep complaining that it is unfair for Ashleigh to not play in the next HOH but those are the rules and always have been. Britt won the triple eviction and didn’t even get a chance to fight in the veto comp to keep her nominations the same yet no one complained….

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