Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Power of Veto – Week 8

Power of Veto episode arrives tonight for Big Brother Canada 3 with the PoV comp for the noms’ chance to get off the block and force the HoH to put a new face in the danger zone. Oh, and there’s that whole Have-Not twist playing out. Good times ahead.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

Ashleigh is the Head of Household and just sent Godfrey and Sarah to the chopping block but here comes their chance for safety. Can’t wait to for the Veto spoilers? Jump over to our BBCAN3 spoilers board and find out what’s been going on with the Live Feeds this weekend.

As for the BBCAN3 Have-Not twist, we saw Sarah and Brittnee given the “punishment” of the HN role this week and soon we’ll see just how much they know about the game changer ahead of them. So far the Feeds have been very quiet as to what has gone on with this and considering the massive amount of downtime lots of progress could have been made without our knowledge.

Once the Veto events are done the HGs will await Wednesday’s eviction, but everything is set to change and they don’t even know it yet. Settle in for another fun week of Big Brother Canada!

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Join us back here tonight at 8/7c when we’ll be watching the Power of Veto episode featuring the latest Veto comp and ceremony ahead of the next Big Brother Canada 3 eviction. You can catch the show on Global from Canada or through a free, live stream at 8PM ET.


    • I think so…a lot of debate on too many twists now…before the was becoming boring predictable…make up my mind.
      Do you think left to the players there was anyone you had the guts to make a big move…and if they did…did the have the numbers to see it through…I didn’t see anyone that could…for almost a month it was just keep the status quo vote the same…don’t rock the boat.

    • You mean Way to go BB!!!!!!! shes an annoying floater just Sarah but thanks to BB and all the special powers are given to them. Gee I wonder whos going to win

    • No, the jurors decides who wins, provided they use the correct keycard (or whatever it is the wining votes will materialize into for this season) of the person they want to be the winner.

      If you want to see a BB who decide who wins, then BBUK14 is the one for you. With only a one-percent lead on the public vote, the most hated housemate of that season, Helen Wood, won over Ashleigh Coyle.

      • Meh.
        Ok, I’ll spell it out for you, BBCan is deciding who moves on in the game.
        Should call it TwistoSister instead of BigBrother #Fixed

  1. that was the stupidest episode ever. I now hate this show. Someone who DESERVES to win should be the one who wins. Not those greasers.

  2. “The light at the end of the tunnel” If that’s the story line they want for the two girls, it was a success. I have to say. it was dramatic. I enjoyed it.

  3. Why would you have a head of household or a pov when you make such a stupid move as you did with this super power. It just made me a non likes of Bob Canada.

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