Big Brother Canada 3: Have-Not Twist Eviction Scenarios – Update: Winner Revealed

The Big Brother Canada 3 Have-Not twist is about to countdown to zero and go ka-pow on the Houseguests, but unlike most of that house we know what’s coming and can brace ourselves for the possibilities.

Big Brother Canada 3 surprise power hidden inside
Big Brother Canada 3 surprise power hidden inside – Source: Global

Here’s a rundown of the various scenarios as we currently see possible for BBCAN3’s version of the Big Brother Coup D’Etat. I caveat this with the potential for a surprise angle despite host Arisa Cox’s thorough explanation of the power just because you never know.

First up let’s set what we know so far. Ashleigh is HoH. Godfrey and Sarah were the original noms, but Sarah won the Veto and came down with Brittnee going up in her place. Brittnee and Sarah were voted as Have-Nots this week for a chance to win the secret power.

Few restrictions on who the power can impact: Ashleigh and Sarah can not be named as the renoms when the power is used. The latter should be irrelevant considering the power is going to either Sarah or Brittnee.

With only seven players left in the season that leaves us with few options for the final noms. If Sarah gets the power she can pick from Bruno, Pilar, or Zach as the renoms. If Brittnee gets the power then she can pick from the same list because Sarah won the Veto and can’t be sent to the block.

Since both ladies have the same set of renom options and have been playing with closely aligned interests and targets I think it’s safe to say this will work out the same no matter which of them gets the power. The big question will be if they take down one or two players from the block.

If only one player comes down it will be Brittnee. There’s no debate on this. The replacement would then either be Zach or Bruno. The ladies might dislike Bruno more, but I believe they’re more afraid of Zach because he’s operate in unison with Ashleigh and Pilar while Bruno appears much more isolated.

Voting scenarios this Wednesday will feature four votes plus the chance of a tie-breaker. If Zach goes up against Godfrey here’s what I’d expect. Zach gets support from Bruno and Pilar while Godfrey gets support from Brittnee and Sarah. Ashleigh would break the tie and Godfrey goes to Jury.

I highly doubt Brittnee or Sarah want Godfrey gone before Zach or Bruno which makes the above scenario unlikely and ill-advised. Here’s one that works better for the duo.

Ashleigh is about to get a surprise on BBCAN3

Alternate Scenario: Two players are removed by the power. Brittnee and Godfrey are saved. Bruno and Zach are named as the replacement noms. Preventing a tie-breaker just got easier.

Brittnee, Godfrey, and Sarah vote to evict Zach. Pilar votes to evict Bruno. Zach is evicted 3-1 while the tie-breaker is avoided.

That leaves Bruno + Godfrey vs Ashleigh + Pilar vs Brittnee + Sarah. We’ve got a three-way stand-off with Pilar as the most disadvantaged since Ashleigh is the outgoing HoH and can’t compete in the next battle for power.

The only way I don’t see things working out this way is if Brittnee & Sarah are rushed in to a decision and don’t do the simple math here. Exhibit A: Triple Eviction. Exhibit B: Willow.

What do you think will happen when this Have-Not twist hits and unleashes a big surprise on the Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguests? Share your thoughts!

Update: Sarah crying on the Feeds alone with Brittnee over the idea of B leaving and Sarah being there without her. Seems like a sure sign that Sarah did not win the twist if its power is known.

Update 2: Confirmed. Brittnee won the Coup D’Etat power and will have to use it during Wednesday’s eviction show.