Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction Prediction Vote Week 8 [POLL]

The final nominations are in for Big Brother Canada 3… or are they? The Coup D’Etat Have-Not Power Twist is about to hit the house on Wednesday night leaving room for some big changes and possibly a surprise eviction. Who do you think it will be?

Big Brother Canada 3
Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Right now we’ve got Brittnee and Godfrey on the block but we know that has to change. Brittnee has the power to remove at least one of the nominations and possibly even both if she so chooses so by the time HGs go in to the Diary Room we know the noms will have changed.

So who do you think will be evicted this week? I ran through a few scenarios that I found to be the most likely and if the ladies want to live up to the game talks then one big target could be heading out the door.

Of course there are some other unlikely scenarios like Brittnee getting evicted. No, it won’t happen, but yes, it is still possible. Brittnee has to save at least one player and she could always save Godfrey and opt to stay on the block. Completely brainless and won’t happen, but Big Brother even included that scenario in their FAQ review of the Twist. As such, I’ll keep her name on the list of potential evictees.

The only two people who are prohibited from becoming noms and ultimately evicted this week are the HoH and PoV winner, so Ashleigh and Sarah, respectively. Everyone else is fair game. Who do you think it will be? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts now.


  1. Hopefully, Brittnee thought things through and make the best configuration out of replacing Ashleigh’s nominations using her superpowah.

    The last thing we need is a rehash of a wasted twist.

        • Is that a new twist? Now God is voting? Oh, you mean Godfrey. Jesus, you had me confused for a minute there.

      • Very unlikely since Sarah and Britnee would keep her over who she was sitting next to and Ashleigh would break the tie to keep Pilar.

    • Definitely…one of a kind supra power and you botch it…you better take out a big player with that thing !…or you don’t know how to play the game!

      • Who’s a big player though? Everyone is a threat in the game of big brother. You should never underestimate anyone because anybody can win. Pilar leaving can be just as good for Brittnee’s game just as if Zach were to leave.

      • They’re all big players. Pili is hungrier than you think. She adjusted to a new country, was one of 10 children and is a media junkie. She also has the best social game of anyone ever on Big Brother. If Britt underestimates her she could be very sorry…especially if they pull a twisto.

  2. I want the best player to win, even if that means Zack taking it. I feel like the twists are too over the top and cheating in a way

    • It’s not really…it was coming to a point where no one had the guts to take on the showmances…made up of big players…anyone that was willing didn’t see a line forming behind them….as they say…if you can’t beat em…join em!

      • So because Zach is playing a good game, he should go? It is cheating in a way. Zach is being cheated from potentially winning the game just because the viewers gave a popular player a game changing power.

        • Had Zach decided to go through his original plan, and not get his ally get shown the door, things would have turned out differently. A loyal ally in Jordan could help carry him to the end more than a showmance would.

          And Ashleigh is playing puppet to the puppeteer, so she’s not doing herself any favor from following Zach’s lead.

          • Ashleiigh is not playing puppet to Zach. She’s using him just as much as she’s using her. She even said she’s not taking him to the end. It would be better to just let these players do their own thing.

          • Do you really think Ashleigh would really do that? Perhaps if the final nominations would put Pilar and Zach together on the chopping block, we will see who she is really loyal to.

          • ..and production would than try to save Britt and Sarah by making the viewers give them a coup de tat to overthrow Zach & Jordan.

            If you say that Ashleigh is only following Zach, than wouldn’t you say that Brittnee and Sarah are only following each other. There is no difference between Ash/Zach and Britt/Sarah, they both have common targets and they both listen to each other for moves to make. The only difference is Ashleigh and Zach are hated while Brittnee and Sarah are not. So people want to say Ashleigh is a follower. Ashleigh is doing what is best for her, even if that means keeping Zach around.

          • Brittnee and Sarah aren’t puppets to each other. That’s the difference between actual true allies and showmances. For showmances, it’s usually about manipulating the other to do your bidding in a romantic way with often the false promise of taking you to the end.

            In season 1, Emmett was willing to drop Jillian when the time is right to drop her before Final 2. Season 2, just about all the showmances died before anyone made it to the end. Jeda is an exception because they didn’t really get romantic until after the show but they were a great duo in the game regardless.

          • agreed…showmances are no where near the same as true allies. Showmances are there for numbers to start and if your in the final two and that’s a big if you are competing against a weaker competitor.
            True allies if they go to the end will say… let the better man win.

          • “Brittnee and Sarah are only following each other” lol…like ants marching in circles till they spiral themselves to death?

            “Army ants navigate by following pheromone trails left behind by others. However, should enough of them lose the scent they begin to follow the ant immediately in front and a huge ant spiral forms and they all end up dead.”

        • Yes, but this isn’t new. Remember last year with Canada being HoH? It’s the exact same thing that is happening here. If your strategy in the game doesn’t include finding favour with the viewers, in turn giving them plenty of reasons to screw up your game, then you might just as well kiss your shot at that $100,000+ prize.

          And like James said, had Zach not made such a bogus move and kept Jordan off the block, he probably would have been the recipient of the twist. He would have ensured Godfrey’s eviction, and the outcome of the game would have been drastically different.

          • Last time I checked Big Brother was a social and strategy game not a popularity contest. Pleasing the viewers is the last thing any houseguests coming on the show should do. They are there to win Big Brother with a STRATEGY or SOCIAL game. If you have to rely on the viewers to dictate your fate in the Big Brother house than you don’t deserve to win Big Brother.

        • The game should be about who is shrewd enough to read the houseguests, play their cards wisely, use some common sense, roll equally with any twists, and have some luck with the competitions. These particular twists toss that whole concept in the garbage because you can’t manoever or strategize when the producers decide how to twist it AFTER they know who gets the extra power (by allowing someone to pick two to go home one week and two to be saved the next is bull). It’s like the non elimination leg in Amazing Race…wait and see who they want to keep. Contrived. It was only after Britt won the have not competition that they said what the twist would be, that it would give her double veto power. Had someone else have won would the twist have been the same? Maybe yes, maybe no, depending on who the producers favoured. Really??
          Actually, it was the producers who have Britt the extra power, just like they planned the triple eviction with only one veto to get Kevin out. The viewers are puppets because they don’t know how the show is going to use their votes.

          • Sir…well need to explain further…if everyone hasn’t understood your point of making the rules after the fact which is 100% dead on. There’s no point to it anymore. They either understand or they don’t. Your preamble is what the game should embrace.

          • I know I get carried away…I’ll stop now. By the way, I’m a female. I just think Sheldon is a cool name and there are still some Neanderthals out there who don’t give much weight to a female’s opinion…then again, there’s people out there who can’t put one foot in front of the other.

          • Sorry…my bad…i assumed and that might get you into trouble sometimes.. Anyway the prose speaks for itself and next time I’ll make my response more gender neutral.

    • How is it cheating? They gave her the power and she can choose whether or not she wants to put up a weak player or a strong player up….which in this case sending the strong player home would be better for her game. If she were to put up a weak player then she loses her shot at the money since everyone would be gunning after her regardless

      • It’s cheating because the producers wait to see who wins these twists and then decide what to do with them and when. Do we know before hand how they will twist it even if the viewers vote? NO…it’s all about seeing who wins and then deciding what happens. So obviously contrived. They count on a gullible audience. Get real.

    • The best player already went home…Kevin…in a very producer contrived move of eliminating two with only POV.

        • Hopefully next season the players will just know all they have to do is hang out and wait until the producers decide who should get the perks. Must be very frustrating for all the contestants to see twists that don’t offer at least an unbiased outcome. They are all there to compete but when the show doesn’t have an up front game plan and make the rules as they go depending on who is in or gets power it rips both them and us off…must be very disheartening to be able to get on the show and then get screwed over. Of course, since when was life fair?

          • Totally agree…the twists themselves I guess we can live with when they are presently fairly and far in advance of the event…as you explained…the producers take a wait and see attitude to see if it is going to achieve the outcome they want. You know this has gone on since the Romans times when emperors made sure their gladiator didn’t lose by rigging the event in his favour. Times have changed or have they?

  3. Who are they planning on sending home right now since they know about the twist? (which is stupid ) I would think they want to split up Brit and Sarah

    • Yes, Brit has it, and with the veto already used, Brit will save herself and most likely the other nom!

    • I thought Britt wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about her power. I didn’t watch After D
      ark last night, but if she let this be known her vetoes should be void.

  4. If Brittnee is responsible for sending one of the power player in the house packing, then she’s playing a good game. No argument with that…sorry but s**t like this happens in BB….all the time.

    • Agreed…and that’s why it’s going to change the future strategy of players in the next season…they will have a reference point…and anyone who dosen’t look to the past…is destined to repeat it.

      • Exactly! BBCAN players this season should have known better. If their strategy in playing the game does not involve finding favour with the viewing public, they might just find themselves a victim of a twist that sends them home.

        The whole essence of Big Brother is viewer interactivity. While the original format is viewers voting to evict (or in some cases, to save) a housemate from eviction, in BBCAN (and BBUS should be taking notes as well), viewers get to steer the direction of the game, since they have almost no direct say in who goes and who stays.

        • That just hinders gameplay and forces viewers to play the game we want them to instead of them playing their own game. What if everyone in the house next season is well loved but Canada can still only vote for one person to get a game changing power. Just think for a moment if you were a player in the house. It’s obvious fans have a bias and don’t vote based on game.

          • The viewers aren’t playing…depending on who gets picked, the producer’s decide how and when to use those votes…the producers are playing and making up the rules as they go depending on who gets picked. It’s the producers who play…the viewers are pawns…and suckers if they think they are anything but. But you are 100% correct…it hinders game play.

        • Did the viewers decide on the triple eviction or how it was to be set up (giving one person all that power), and did the viewers decide that there would be two veto possibilities in the have not competition? No they did not. The producers want to make it seem like the viewers have power but it is the producers who decide when and how to use the input from the viewers depending on how they want the ratings to go and who they want to win. When the viewers voted Sara and Britt to be have nots did they know that one of them would have the chance to change both people on the block? If they did, they might have picked differently. As far as the triple elimination goes, the producers decided that there would be only one opportunity for a veto and therefore two would go at once instead of doing a full three rounds of play. If the whole plan was laid out for the viewers in advance of them making their choices it would be one thing, but this piece meal viewer participation means squat because the producers make all the calls depending on who the viewers pick. It is so contrived. If the viewers had picked someone other than Sara or Britt then the producers may not have given that extra veto or even decided to make it a veto. How gullible are these viewers? Next season they should just put everyone’s name in a hat and draw…that’s how lame it’s become…if there is a next season that is. There won’t be many more if they don’t stop with all these stupid twists that result in the winner having gotten there by 95% luck and 5% ability and strategy. Sure there is always some luck involved but this is total b.s.

          • Very true…i’ve said previously sarah was the producers favourite…you can tell by the number of DR spots she had this season. Hey we can even go so far to say…did anyone outside of BBC verify the voting numbers?…it could have been already pre-destined!

          • Amazing Race with 13 Emmys has been running for 15 years and so as BB US..they are still money makers and will be renewed….i undestand what you’re saying though

          • Those shows have never pushed the envelope this far though…this was brutal.

    • That’s why I love the twists. I love that BB Canada is evolving the game of BB and making it their own. BB Canada is going to be known for its twists and the fan interaction with the voting and I don’t see anything wrong with it. It makes it way more interesting!

      BB15 and BB16 were both a drag!

    • Exactly….Britt has been the main one who has sent all the power players packing, she could of chickened out and sent a weak player home like most of the HoHs but she wanted a better chance to be at the final and win the game….which is the whole point of the game!! To do what it takes to win!! So I Applaud you Britt for being the only bold person to do that and go against the house! ^_^

      • As soon as the producers want Britt out they will have another twisted twist where her luck will “suddenly” run out unless they want her to win of course. That’s the problem with the twists. Look at Kevin…two out of the game with only one veto competition. Look at all the power given Britt for two weeks in a row that is out of proportion to how well she plays both competitively and socially. I wouldn’t be so quick to applaud Britt…Sara has her ear and it’s easier to go against the house when you are queen of the pawns.

        • BB didn’t know Britt would win the HOH for the triple eviction. BB didn’t know that Britt and Sarah would be voled have nots. Britt and Sarah could have just as easily been voted out last week as anyone else.

          I don’t mind having twists in the game, but BBCan will change the twists even after Arisa has already explained them on TV. That is unacceptable.

          • The point has gone right over your head. BB didn’t know that Britt would be HOH for triple eviction BUT they didn’t tell us how they were going to do the triple eviction until AFTER Britt won (it was actually a 2.5 eviction)….they could have done a usual veto, then competed for a new HOH and had then had another veto comp (but they decided to put three on the block AFTER Britt won). Who knows what they would have done depending on who won HOH! That is my point…they didn’t tell us how it is going to play out until AFTER they knew who the HOH was! Why didn’t they tell the audience before the competition that the HOH would be able to get 2 out of 3 of their picks out in one shot…if for no other reason than to make it look legitimate? It’s because it’ wasn’t.

            And for the have nots, again they didn’t tell us that they were going to offer two vetos until AFTER they knew who won it! That is my whole point…they wait until they see who wins and THEN decide what benefit the winner will get.

            I can’t make it any clearer than that. This is just my opinion. You can have yours and I can have mine. Of course they didn’t know who would win the HOH or viewer’s choice but they also didn’t tell us HOW it was going to play out UNTIL the winners (winner in this case) was chosen. It’s probably more satisfying to live in never never land so by all means, go with that…

  5. Waaaay too much tampering by production. Giving Brittnee not one but two vetoes is ridiculous. BB is picking who will win this thing, not the house, not Canada. Zach has played too well and too hard to go out this way.

    • They didn’t handed Brittnee anything. It was still a comp that requires the Have-Nots chosen by the voting public to compete for it.

      Anything can happen in this game, and even with twists like this, the outcome it will yield can still turn out different depending on the scenarios of who she will remove and replace.

      • Brittnee won a comp.with no time limit. …it looked quite easy to me compared to Ashleigh’s HOH or most vetoes this season. No way is this not tampering.

        • Considering how long the entire house was on lockdown for pretty much an entire day, I think it’s safe to say that both of them took them a lot of time to figure out the combination correctly. Then there’s also that one factor about them being on stapled food as Have-Nots so they’re not at their physical and mental peak.

          You know how editing works, they alway make challenges look easy.

      • Which if he does not start a plan B…it’s going to get him out the door…Zach will cut him loose at a heart beat.

      • Production handed Sarah or Brittnee the coup de tat. They knew viewers liked them so regardless of who won the power through a “competition” they would both be saved. Even if they can’t help that viewers like them, production could have still not incorporated the viewers into the twist knowing that it would be one sided.

        Even if Zach sent out his main ally, he still had protection and other allies who would still go after his targets. Zach or Bruno are leaving solely because the viewers don’t like them so the viewers voted for the 2 people who would go after them. No need to justify this twist.

          • They both got handed the opportunity of safety knowing the one of them would leave this week. Producers let the viewers vote knowing that Sarah and Brittnee would win and they gave them the coup de tat. I guess you just don’t want to believe it.

          • Maybe in week 1 of the game, it could have been anyone. But with 8 weeks in and viewers already picked favorites and producers letting viewers decide it’s unfair.

          • One of them can only guess what the other have. If it’s a secret veto, perhaps, but what additional powers it has can only be speculated within one’s mind until the eviction night.

  6. I’m sorry but this is just utter garbage. I see people making this argument that you should incorporate the fans liking you into your gameplay, which I guess I can understand to a point, I personally hate the twists, but then again I like players like Dr. Will because he won through intelligence and charm and not just blind luck.

    Regardless, BBCan has made it abundantly clear that you don’t need to worry about playing a good game, just be likeable. Having fan appreciation is one thing, but when it becomes the complete deciding factor as to whether you survive in the game is nonsense and destroys the possibility for great players to be forged.

    What I see out of BBCan is a ridiculous amount of insecurity in their own show. They don’t trust their own casting and are too scared and cowardly to let anything just play out.

    How many people have been screwed by a twist this year? From what I can remember:

    Naeha – she managed to secure an alliance with Kevin, had the instant eviction not been a factor, she never would have been nominated.

    Risha – She got evicted by the audience before the freaking feeds were even turned on.

    And now up next Bruno is going to get screwed and sent packing despite the fact that he has no way of getting himself out of it.

    On top of all of that, Ashleigh busted her butt to win that HOH and not only are her nominations nullified, she still isn’t allowed to vote, and yet she DOESN’T EVEN GET TO COMPETE IN THE NEXT HOH even though her current position of power is null and void.

    If you like this season, great for you, but don’t sit here and try to pretend that the houseguests should just see these things coming and are supposed to plan for them.

    • The twists are all the more reason for housemates to play the game the best they can and not merely treat this experience as a vacation with matching stipends.

      The format has to evolve but keeping the elements on what made BB worked in the first place: The cast help carry the show, the social experiment that have diverse personalities live under one roof as they’re being watched by millions over the air and online, the interactivity that allows viewers to be involved with the game in one way or another and the twists that help keep things fresh every season.

      • Hold up, how do the twists provide players with added incentive to play the game harder? It’s not like the prize changes, all it does is make the game an uneven playing field of favoritism. If anything, I’d imagine that when a player comes to the realization that the audience and by proxy, production is against them, it’d most likely be extremely dejecting.

        I’m not really going to say twists should never happen, I get why they’re there, even though I find them hokey and boring. But when you add in twists that make it impossible for players to save themselves, it makes the game feel cheap. It no longer becomes about who’s the best player, it’s about who’s the luckiest. At that point, why even have competitions? Why even have a strategic element if none of it really matters? They’re just going to give the Coup d’etat to the person everyone likes anyway.

        Look, if that’s the kind of show you want, by all means. My point is just don’t pretend that it’s still a game based in strategy and competition, it’s not. It’s just a popularity contest.

        • Luck always comes in shapes and sizes, especially during the weeks when Kevin was a recipient of that element.

          Luck is unpredictable, providing options of opportuniy to whoever receives it and wields it as a weapon. It is deadly that can cause chaos and mayhem that forces players to always watch their backs because it can either make or break you.

          That’s the unpredictable nature of luck. It is not defined by a public vote or a pre-planned twist. It’s a force that happens to befall to one fortunate houseguest.

          Luck opens up scenarios, new dynamics, and sometimes later the way the game is played.

          That’s how the game of Big Brother works, where you have to not only live the experience in its entirety but survive the ebbs and flow as anything can happen within those 10-13 weeks of being stuck in a fishbowl with a dozen other players trying to get the same thing.

          If you are a true fan of Big Brother, you know how involved viewers have always been since the format’s early days. Even with the tweaks, the retooling and the revamp, having viewers be a part of the game have stayed intact. It worked for countless version of the show, from the US to the UK to Australia to India to Africa and even all the way to Canada.

          You want a game without those elements? Then The Big Adventure is the show for you.

          • Eloquently said…my thoughts are basically …they have to change the rules…and the more dynamic they are the less mundane the season will be. You don’t think that the super fans in that house didn’t do their homework and tried to find a strategy that they thought would work for them or has been successful in past BB’s….sure they have. We don’t want cookie cutter house guests…Future players now have to rethink and adapt differently to what might be thrown at them. Sure luck plays a part and it does in our everyday lives as well….sports, work, lottery!!! What i think will evolve is a player who has to adapt to the situation present and forthcoming. This is what
            think…you don’t play chess one move at a time….could be totally wrong.

          • What? Luck does play a big part, Kevin had his share but he also played his butt off. He made connections, made deals and did this without whining or being a jerk. Zach has played from the second he entered the house. He has a more cerebral game, he measures his moves. That’s who he is.He is also atheletically blessed, maybe a touch arrogant but he seems basically decent. They all seem like nice, normal people this year. I even agree Britt is playing well. However this twist goes against every thing I liked about BB Canada. It’s unbalanced, ( two vetoes, unless I have something wrong ) ruins what was a very good season. It screws Ashleigh, Zach and Bruno, maybe Pili too. Playing this way you end up with nothing more than a scripted show, not real personalities playing off each other.

          • Yup, but he did one critical error that made his game extremely flawed as a result.

            Things would have turn out different had he didn’t do what he did when he was Head of Household. There’s no recovering from that.

    • You’re right…the houseguests this season don’t..they wouldn’t even think of the stuff that is going to go down. It’s the next season(s)…those are the ones who going to say…are they going to do this to us this week..are they going to do what they did last season…now the social strategy has be re-thought.

    • I agree with everything you said. I feel like Big Brother players should NOT play up to the viewers because if you need to rely on the viewing public to save you than what is the point of you being there. I want the winner of Big Brother to win based on their own skills not viewers saving them when they were on their way to being evicted.

  7. Take out Zack and Tweedledum and Tweedledee will be in a conundrum. Perfect opportunity for an all girl alliance if all the girls could actually come to a firm stance and do that. Highly unlikely! lol

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