Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Have-Not Twist Vote Revealed

The latest Big Brother Canada twist let viewers vote for two Houseguests who would become Have-Nots for the week before having a chance to compete for a special, hidden power. The results of that vote are in.

Brittnee Blair crying in the BBCAN3 house
Brittnee Blair crying in the BBCAN3 house – Source: Global

This morning on the Live Feeds Big Brother called in the Houseguests and informed them that the public had voted for this week’s Have-Nots, but there was no mention of the potential benefit of this vote. It sounded only like a negative for the two recipients who assumed the public really didn’t like them too much.

Brittnee & Sarah are this week’s Have-Nots following the viewer vote. They’ll be staying in the HN Room with a pending power waiting for them beneath the floor. Until then, they’re stuck thinking the viewers aren’t too happy with them.

Brittnee was left in tears as the other HGs consoled her and suggested it was related to who she had evicted rather than anything personal about her.

Soon Brittnee and Sarah will face off in a competition. The winner will get the special power which will let her change at least one of the nominations just before the live vote.

Now at this point Sarah has won the Veto and will use it on herself. Ashleigh’s plan is to renom Brittnee leaving her and Godfrey on the block.

Either one of these ladies will save Brittnee with the power and possibly Godfrey, but I’m not entirely confident Godfrey will come down. Unless… the power holder could take down both noms then put up Bruno and Zach. This would prevent Bruno from voting to keep Zach over Godfrey.

I’ll have to go through the numbers and see which one is more likely to go, but there will be four votes which gives Ashleigh the tie-breaker chance this week. If it’s Zach & Bruno on the block with votes going to a tie then it’s obvious that Bruno is done. But, if Brittnee & Sarah get Godfrey to vote out Zach as well then he’s gone and Bruno stays.

Should be a great week ahead, but things will be quiet until Wednesday night when we’ll miss most of this happening on the Feeds and the show will have been long since taped when the drama dies down and the Feeds return. Sigh.