Brittnee Blair joins the Big Brother Canada 3 cast as one of sixteen Houseguests looking to survive the season and leaves as the final HG with the prize money check.

Brittnee Blair - Big Brother Canada 3

Brittnee is just 25 years old which puts her in the mid-range on the ages so far this season. Her background as a plus-sized model means she’ll be no stranger to the cameras which should work well with her self-described personality as “funny, energetic, and goofy.”

Big plans for Brittnee Blair on Big Brother Canada as she wants to take her whole family on vacation if she wins the $100K prize. Not only that but she’d buy a house and fill it up. I guess they’re doing that Brick gift card again this year.

Blair is worried about math competitions on BBCAN3 as she considers that to be her weak point but promises to never get overwhelmed in the face of challenges. As long as that challenge isn’t going back to New York City which she considers to have “so many rats!” while Calgary has none. No rats at all? Impressive.

Think Brittnee Blair will win Big Brother Canada 3? We’ll find out how she does when the new season premieres on March 23, 2015!

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