Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Everyone Pretends To Play Nice

Big Brother Canada 11-Kuzie and Daniel

It’s down to the final eight Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests. It’s officially down the single digits of houseguests and half of the contestants that started in the game. By the end of the night on Thursday, it will become the final seven. There are only four more weeks of major evictions before we get down to the Big Brother Canada 11 final three.

A lot happened over this Big Brother Canada 11 weekend but the status quo remains. There are three sets of trios running the game. We have Hope and Ty as easy players to get out of the game because Santina is gone from the game. However, is taking out Ty or Hope next really best for either side of the house?

That’s the question that Claudia, Renee, Shanaya, Kuzie, Daniel, and Anika must ask themselves. Ty has removed himself from the possibility of being evicted this week by winning the Power of Veto.

This means that Head of Household Claudia has the opportunity to try to strike at the other side by making an attempt to take out Kuzie, Daniel, or Anika this week. She obviously has no plans to take out Renee or Shanaya this week. Since last week with Ty as Head of Household, the two trios have discussed working together to become the final six, then going after each other, but both sides have secretly had no plans to stick to this deal.

Big Brother Canada 11-Kuzie, Daniel, Anika, Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya

Santina and Ty have been such a dominant force that it has been easy for them to stay loyal to the six, but now that Santina is gone, they can start to look at trying to strike against each other. I fully believe that Ty was Claudia’s target this week until he won Veto, but we won’t know for sure until we see Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes. However, I am not sure if she’ll stick to the plan to get Hope out of the BBCAN11 house this week.

However, as of Sunday, it seems that Hope is now her intended target but if Kuzie goes up on the Block that could change. Claudia knows how well Kuzie is positioned to win the game, so if she has the votes to take her out this week, she may try to make a move.

The only issue is that keeping Hope in the game strengthens Ty. Ty and Hope will very much work together if they both survive this week. Shanaya and Claudia already proposed to Daniel the possibility of the three of them becoming the final four with Anika. Claudia and Shanaya want to evict Renee and Kuzie soon after Hope and Ty are out of the game.

Kuzie knows that she could go up, and she was afraid that she might get betrayed by Renee flipping her vote to save Hope. Renee would also need Shanaya to flip her vote to evict Kuzie. However, Kuzie became more confident that Shanaya wouldn’t flip her vote after Claudia called the entire six into the HOH room to discuss the replacement nomination. 

Big Brother Canada 11-Kuzie and Daniel

Basically, Claudia wanted someone to volunteer to go up as the replacement, but no one did it. Anika also said that they wouldn’t choose between each other, but Anika was completely unaware that Daniel tried to talk to Shanaya and Claudia about nominating Anika over Kuzie and him. He thinks she has the best chance to stay over Hope.

He worries that if he goes on the Block, Ty will reveal that he had the Veto and saved Ty during Whodunnit Week. Kuzie encouraged Daniel to confess to having the secret Veto only if Shanaya or Claudia wins HOH again. They believed that Renee would take the news as an excuse to nominate him if she’s HOH and he confesses to being the secret Veto winner. Kuzie’s confidence that she wouldn’t be evicted over Hope made her decide that she wants to go up as Ty’s replacement.

She listed a few reasons why she felt like this was a good move for her. It would free her from the guilt of evicting Hope. It also gave her an excuse to go after Renee, Shanaya, and Claudia next week, and it plumped up her game resume more. She could now say she survived the Block against the king of surviving the Block Hope.

She shared this with Daniel, who later told Claudia that Kuzie would be fine with going on the Block. He asked her not to let anyone know that he told her this information. Kuzie, however, did wonder if she should just tell Claudia to nominate her, but Daniel encouraged her not to put herself on the Block for him. Kuzie also told Daniel that she plans to target the other trio before Ty. She wants one of the Girlie Pops gone next week.

Big Brother Canada 11-Hope, Kuzie, and Daniel

Kuzie and Daniel also discussed being slightly annoyed with Anika’s gameplay. They worry that she may get them into a bad situation because she thinks she has some control over Ty. She wants to try to make him distrust Hope. They think if she attempts to do this, Ty will use it to turn Hope against them.

This will then lead to The Crown being exposed. As of now, it’s looking like Kuzie and Hope will be on the Block on Thursday. It also seems like everyone will stick to the plan and evict Hope, but Ty will definitely try to flip the votes to save him and evict Kuzie.

If Hope didn’t seem so tied to Ty, he might stay over Kuzie, but because people perceive Ty as such a force in the house, they want to weaken him by taking out Hope. However, Kuzie shouldn’t feel too comfortable on the Block, I wouldn’t be surprised if the votes try to flip against her before the next eviction.

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