Who Was Evicted During The Fatal Feast On Big Brother Canada 11? (4/17/23)

Surprisingly, the Big Brother Canada 11 producers are giving us Digital Dailies from after the Fatal Feast. I assumed that we wouldn’t have any Digital Dailies until Wednesday morning, to keep us in the dark for Tuesday’s episode. However, the Digitial Daily also revealed a lot about what has happened. 

We now know who left during the Fatal Feast, the next Head of Household, the Power of Veto winner, and the second target for this week. We’ll report all that soon, but let’s get into the Fatal Feast. As suspected, the Fatal Feast was an instant eviction and involved a chain. 

From what we’ve heard so far, Kuzie saved Hope. Then somehow Daniel saved Claudia. Most likely it went Kuzie, Hope, Anika, Daniel, Claudia, Shanaya, and it ended with Renee and Santina on the Block. It appears that there was a vote when it got to the final two. So here’s who left

BBCAN11 Week 6 Fatal Feast Results

  • Santina was evicted at the Fatal Feast.

Personally, I am surprised that it ended with Renee and Santina on the Block and the houseguests once again chose to let Ty escape eviction. However, I am not surprised that Santina left the game this week because Kuzie has wanted her out since Week 1, and Santina has been at the bottom of the house since after her first Head of Household. She hasn’t done that much to help her position. She only escaped eviction last week because of Canada’s save vote.

Are you surprised that Santina is out the game?

There will be another Big Brother Canada 11 eviction on Thursday.

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