Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 6.5 Power of Veto Competition Results

It has been a busy weekend for the Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests. First, they had a feast that led to an instant eviction. Next, they played the second Head of Household Competition of the week, followed by nominations, and the week then ended with a Power of Veto Competition.

Likely, the Power of Veto Ceremony will happen today in the Big Brother Canada 11 house, but we won’t know the results of that until we see tomorrow’s Digital Dailies. However, the Power of Veto Competition winner has once again caused some big changes in the plans for the week.

As the new Head of Household. Claudia decided to stick with the agreement that her, ShanayaRenee, Anika, Daniel, and Kuzie made about targeting Santina, Hope, and Ty before going after each other. They all claimed that they wanted to be the final six together. We know this is not true, but the Kuzie’s side definitely wanted Santina and Ty out before that trio. Claudia’s trio also wanted Ty or Santina out before Kuzie’s trio, so this made it an easy Fatal Feast for them all. Now, that they have gotten Santina out of the game, Ty should be the next big target for the majority of the house.

Claudia stuck to the final six plans and nominated Hope and Ty for eviction. However, the Veto gave the opportunity for one of them to come off the Block.

BBCAN11 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Competition Results

  • Ty won the Power of Veto!

Obviously, Ty’s nine lives continue. He plans to use the Veto to save himself. He also wants to keep Hope in the game, so he plans to push for whoever goes on the Block next to Hope to go home. Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel want to try to make sure that they all stay in the game, but they know that one of the must sit on the Block next to Hope.

Claudia has been claiming that she wants to evict Hope next, but the Kuzie trio is a little afraid that she may try to take out one of them. Kuzie thinks it will be her going on the Block, but Daniel and her want to try to get Anika on it because she’s the least likely to be evicted over Hope on the Block. Claudia and Shanaya have already told Daniel that he won’t go on the Block. Therefore, it seems like Anika or Kuzie will go on the Block during the Power of Veto Ceremony. Right now, it seems like Hope is the target, but if Kuzie goes on the Block, the votes could definitely flip.

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