Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 6.5 HOH Nominations

Without using the word double eviction, this Big Brother Canada 11 week is definitely a double eviction. That means by the end of Thursday night, we’ll be down to the final seven houseguests. We’re edging closer and closer to the May Big Brother Canada 11 finale. We don’t know the exact finale date yet, but we always assumed it would be in early May, but it might be even earlier than we expected with only four more evictions until we get to the final three BBCAN11 houseguests.

This makes every eviction critical because it could mean the difference between winning and losing the game. This week the houseguests had to take out a player during an instant eviction. They will take out another through the normal eviction pattern on Thursday. in last Thursday’s episode, Kuzie became the Head of Household. However, her HOH power only lasted a few days. Now Claudia is the Head of Household. She became is after Santina was evicted at the Fatal Feast.

Prior to the Fatal Feast, the trios claimed they wanted to join forces and take out Santina, Hope, and Ty, but prior to Kuzie’s HOH win, Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee kept talking about how dangerous of player Kuzie was in the game. She would win if she wasn’t evicted soon. Therefore, we weren’t sure if she would stick to the six-strong plan. So who did Claudia initially nominate this BBCAN11 week?

BBCAN11 Week 6.5 HOH Nominations

  • Claudia nominated Hope and Ty for eviction.

It seems that, for now, the six plans to stay together and work on evicting two of the remaining three men in the house. However, the Power of Veto Competition already happened. So that’s coming up next.

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